Rhoamers:A Nightmare Alive

Willow is watching T.V she doesn't think of it. But then she gets a nightmare. She wakes up and suddenly its true and alive wreaking her hometown. She soon meets the love of her life. Will she survive enough to meet her? Or will she die before she is married to her loved one?

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The Beginning

Chapter 1

I looked myself over in the mirror, blue eyes, straight blond hair, and freckles. The complete opposite of my family, brown hair, green eyes. 


“Willow!” My mom yelled throughout the house. 


I called out, getting frustrated. “Yes!?” 


I got no answer as usual. I called out again. “Yes, mom?!”


“Come to the living room, it's movie night!” She answered happily.


I washed my face hurriedly and made my way to the living room, to find my dad and my mom on the couch, buckets of popcorn in their hands. The screen on a movie: ‘Rhoamers:A Nightmare Alive’ I sat down in the middle of the two and my mom started the movie. 


When the movie ended, I went to my room, got ready, and headed to bed. I soon drifted off to sleep, thinking about the bizarre movie I had seen.

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