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Chapter 1

In the time of the slay, there was a young woman called Dorothy Slayton. She discovered the term of slay. Dorothy Slayton was a 23year old woman who lived with her family. In 1809 she Married man named Meson Richard .

Meson was a difficult man he presented as a Simpetic and Loving and Nice man. He is around 30 years old . He met Dorothy in a small cafe, Dorothy was  reading her book when suddenly Meson came along and started talking to her he complemented her dress and her hat . Dorothy was flatterd . A few weeks later he asked her to marry her and she said yes.

Shortly after the wedding, Dorothy was talking to her friend Victoria, Victoria was  talking about her horse, Victoria told her how lovey her horse Sharon was and Dorothy said " Slay" and that's how she discovered the term slay. 

But her husband Meson found out and he was furious. " DOROTHY I WILL NOT HAVE YOU SAYING RIDICULOUS THINGS! SLAY? WHAT IS THAT. YOU KNOW WHAT ,IM TAKING THE CREDIT. Dorothy ran to her room and cried. " Oh why, why meson why could you have not accepted the fact I can be known for something" 

Unfortunately Dorothy passed away from Illness. After her passing meson took the credit of the term slay 

The End 

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