The Lost Cause

written by Cenusa Wolfe

Dimitri had never had regular encounters with mortals until one day he's confused with a missing boy from a nearby town. Instead of saying who he really is and what he is, he plays along in their little game, seeing how far it can go until some townsfolk get suspicious and start questioning him. (I originally wrote this book on Wattpad, so now I'm updating it and posting it here. Bare with me! Also I DO NOT own the cover of this story, Its the one I used from the original Wattpad posting. I think I pulled it from Google. All rights and ownership go to the rightful owners!)

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Background\ start of story

Chapter 1

This is Dimitri or Dimi for short. He's what's known as a mongrel or a half vampire, half human. He likes to cause mischief with his family and other people. He's an outgoing daredevil and thinks he cannot be hurt by any thing. His family left Romania when he was 7 and moved into a small town right outside of London. They bought a small manor out in the woods. Since the manor was so far from town, the townspeople had all but forgotten about it. One dry summer night, it was thundering and lightning. Rain was coming town hard and lighting was strong enough to strike the trees down and start small fires. Dimi was now 11 and was walking about a quarter mile away on a not very busy road, from his home. He was just about to go into the town when he heard a siren and saw some emergency lights flashing. He thought to himself why would they be in here then it hit him.  He started walking faster and faster towards the manor until he found himself running. The smell of the smoke and ash burned his nostrils as he inhaled He started coughing and tried to cover his mouth and nose with his sleeve. He had somehow not been seen by the emergency responders.There was fire and police vehicles at the house starting to try and contain it. Dimitri wasted no time entering the burning building desperate to find his family. He ran down the hallway to their bedroom but only managed to get half way before he collapsed, coughing and choking from smoke inhalation. The wood beams and hangings from the walls started to fall down onto the floor with a crash and crack. He called out to his parents, but received no reply. He stood up wearily but fell right back down. His eyesight started to go black and he felt dizzy. The last thing he saw was the flames consuming his home. When he awoke, he found himself outside. An EMT was standing next to him with an oxygen mask over his face. Despite the EMT requesting he stay laying down with the mask, he sat up and threw the thing off. He saw the towns fire fighters walking around in the remains of his now burnt down home. There was only about 5-6 firemen, a few policemens and the ambulance there. He couldn't believe it. Everything, he loved. Gone. He looked around the scene and did not see his parents or his sister. He started to assume the worst. One of the fire men had knelt beside him and let out a sad sigh. Dimi's worst fears had come true. He told him that his parents had been burned to death by the fire, along with his sister. He couldn't believe it. He was now utterly alone. He couldn't go back to what little family members he had in Romania. They shamed him and his family because Dimi's mother was a human and that wasn't looked on so nicely in the vampirc world. He just sat there of the ground. He was lost in his self depression. His thoughts started to go dull until he felt hollow and shattered. He starred at the firemen around him They didn't do anything to him but he felt hatred towards them. Hatred for not being able to  save his parents and hatred from saving him. As the policemen, firemen and ambulance started leaving the only person left was a detective sent from the police station. He wanted to take Dimitri back to the station to get him situated and find other family. He sat down next to him and tried to talk to a nonresponive boy. Dimitri didn't think his actions through and forgot his morals. He looked over at the poor man, grew his fangs and attacked him. He drained the man all without hesitiastion. That was his actual first taste of human blood from the veins. And he loved it. From that point on, instead of drinking animal and blood substitutes, he fed off the blood of the humans who managed to get lost in he forest. All the teachings, values, and morals his father had taught him as a child disappeared along with the memory of his family...

6 years later

Dimitri was now 17 years old. He still hadn't changed. But his looked sure did. His hair was shaggy, his clothes where baggy and his facial expression was usually a smirk. One dreadful day, another boy  wondered into the woods looking for his dog who managed to get lose from the fence. Dimitri stalked the boy like he usually did whenever he was planning on killing. He was impressed on how much they resembled each other. Dimi's hair was just a tad longer. Instead of killing the boy he watched him walk farther and farther into the woods. By the time the boy realized where he was it was to late to turn around. He was lost. Dimitri decided to go in for the kill. He stood silently behind the boy. The boy turned around and went wide eyed. Before he had the chance to gasp or scream Dimitri had him by the neck and his fangs were already in his neck and his life was fading fast. After Dimi had drained the boy's body and killed him, he disposed of the body like usual.

A couple of days went by. Dimitri was hanging out in the ruins of a small building. It was overgrown with plant matter. Dimi often wondered what the building had orginally been. Maybe an old shed? His head shot up when he heard some dogs barking. He decided to investigate and he saw a search group. He knew they were looking for the boy he killed a couple of days before. He was used to search parties coming around, but he always managed to avoid them and be hidden away. The dogs started sniffing up the hill that lead to the ruins. Dimitri hoped they wouldn't be able to still smell the boy. But Dimi did take the boys jacket. On of the dogs caught wind  of the boys scent and ran up to the building. The rest of the party followed. Dimitri backed up into the shadows hoping to not get seen but one of the cops that was there shined a light back where Dimitri was. He waved his hand a couple of more people followed. From behind one of the officers stepped out a girl.

She had long golden hair. Fair skin, emerald green eyes. Over all she was beautiful.She looked to be around 20 years old. She ran up to Dimitri and wrapped her arms tightly around him and yelled out happily "Oh Max! Thank the gods we found you." Dimitri thought "who's this Max kid?" Then it hit him. Max was the name of the missing kid. The girl let Dimi go and looked at him confused "What's wrong. Don't you know who I am.... I'm your sister, Alex..." Dimitri didn't want to kill Alex. So he thought he'd play this role for as long as he could. Plus it'd give him a chance to investigate the town and the people who lived there A newly found growing curoisity. Dimitri smiled at her "Yeah.. I know who you are ...Alex...Just really happy to see you...C-can we go home now?" Alex smilied and nodded. They started walking back out of the cave and Dimitri pulled the hood of his jacket over his head. Even though sunlight never burned him, it did bother him a little bit. The police walked Alex and Dimitri back to their squad cars and drove them back into town. Dimitri hadn't been in town for so long he's forgotten how it looked. The car pulled up to a small light green house. Alex got out of the car and Dimitri followed. He'd have to remember to not blow his cover. Alex unlocked the door of the house and they both entered.

It was just your modern home. Television, couch, etc. Alex looked over to Dimi "I'll get some dinner going for us Max. Why don't you go up stairs and change.." Dimi nodded and managed to find the boys bedroom. He cautiously walked into it and over towards the closet. He thought "at least this kid had some good style..." He changed into some of Max's clothes and sat on the bed. There he was wondered how long he'd keep this going. And if it was safe for him! For the next couple of days or weeks this would be his home and he was now called Max...


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