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written by juliet clarke

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Lesson 1; Introduction and History

Chapter 1
Brief History and Essential Laws 

  • One of the first, and certainly one of the longest, families to dedicate their work into wand-making lies with the Ollivander family.

  • Beginning around 1000 C.E., the Wizarding World began separating from Muggles, and for approximately 400 years (from 1000 C.E. to around 1400 C.E.) was ruled by the Council of Warlocks. In the 1400s, various magical governments were established based on ethnic and cultural values as well as location. We see this even today with a separate Ministry of Magic in most countries.

  • Throughout the 1600s, a rising number of witch burnings proved to be ineffective thanks to a Flame-Freezing Charm. This specific charm would be cast on the flames of a burning witch and cause nothing but a tickle to spread throughout their bodies. Many muggles were taken by the false agony displayed upon the burning witch, oblivious to what was truly happening. This charm saved many witches then, but began the law of the International Statute of Secrecy in 1689. This law began the movement of the separating of the two world that lie in the universe. The muggle world, and the wizarding world.

  • Each government became responsible for hiding all evidence of magical activity within their borders, including the magical flora and fauna (plants and animals) of the Wizarding World. It's important to note that, while the law was signed in 1689, it took a further three years before it was officially established by all governments internationally. However, many governments did recognize it in the interim.

  • Under this law, once an incident is too big to ignore in the muggle world to prove that it was true magic rather than trickery, the Ministry will send in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad to sort things out, usually through memory modification.

  • Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery. This was established in 1875 and allowed no student to practice magic outside of school. With a few exceptions, of course, such as the case when your life, or the life of a fellow Witch, Wizard or Muggle, is at stake.

Laws Mentioned

  • International Statue of Sorcery; 1689-1992

    • the separation of two worlds—muggle society and wizarding society.

  • Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery; 1875.

    • No wizard or witch under the age of seventeen is allowed to use magic outside of school.

Charms Mentioned

  • Flame Freezing Charm.

    • Throughout the 1600’s, due to detection of witches among muggles, witches would often be burned at a stake. This charm would refrain any physical harm. The fire would tickle their bodies, and all they had to do was writhe it false agony.

The Discovery of Wands

    • Tools like crystals, crude wands made of little more than a hippogriff wing feather wrapped around a stick, and metal rods all allowed some level of control over a witches or wizards magic.

The Wand-Lighting and Wand-Extinguishing Charms

    • Wand-Lighting charm; this simple spell will allow you to illuminate the tip of your wand. The first known use was in the 18th century by Levina Monkstanley, a Ministry of Magic employee. Ms. Monkstanley had dropped her quill on the ground and used the spell to find it—thus becoming the charm inventor.

      • Casting

        • Incantation: Lumos (LOO-mos)

        • Wand Movement: Single counter-clockwise loop

        • Willpower: Low; determines the color of the light

        • Concentration: Low; lighting up the top of your wand

    • The Wand-Extinguishing Charm; This charm counteracts the wand-lighting charm. This extinguishes the light illuminating off of your wand.

      • Casting

        • Incantation: Nox (NOCK-ss)

        • Wand Movement: Flick of the wand

        • Willpower: None

        • Concentration: None

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