Thorns and Glass

written by Moth

Tommyinnit Foster AU Because self projecting is my only way of coping =]

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Welcomes and Goodbyes

Chapter 1

“Get the fuck out!”

 The loud man kicked his things out the door, the small boy following shortly after. “That’s why your wife left you prick!” Tommy was interrupted by his care worker embracing him. He struggled out of his grip and grinned at him “Hi Mr Sam and Mr Ponk.” He walked towards the car, bruises hurting every step of the way. “Toms, I'm so sorry! I thought this one would be better.” The white-haired man began tearing up. “It’s fine Ponk! At least you two saved me from that hellhole.” He assured.

Sam got in the driver's seat and plugged the aux cord into his phone. “Music?” He handed his phone back to the eager child and started up the car. 

“We’ve got you an emergency placement. I know him personally, he and his two sons were in the system. I can’t promise you it’ll be better, but I can say he’s a good guy,” He finished up, letting Tommy pick a song.

He settled on All I Need by Khai Dreams and closed his eyes. The car ride wasn’t too long, only about 5 minutes, so when they got there Tommy still wasn’t prepared to meet this new family. He climbed out of the car, following Sam and Ponk to the front door. 

“Why is this house so fucking big. Are you sure there's only three people?” He joked, trying to lighten up the mood. It didn’t work. It was uncomfortable as Sam knocked on the door. They heard clanging, yelling, and laughing from inside the house. Tommy thought he could make out a faint “Don’t worry Oldza (Oldza?)! I’ll get it!” The boy had a heavy British accent and he sounded older than Tommy, 15 perhaps 16, which meant another boy older than him to deal with. Great! 

A tall brown haired male appeared behind the door. “Dad! It’s a child!” “I am not a child,” he grumbled. “Oh for fucks sake Wil! I’m sorry about him Sam, come on in!” He opened the door more to reveal a nice looking house. Tommy looked inside before following.

Sam sat on a couch beside Ponk and began having the same conversation that he has every time Tommy gets fostered. “Tommy is a very troubled kid who does need to receive some help but he is a good kid once you get to know him. He has had accounts of fighting, stealing, and drugs.” Tommy just tuned him out, not wanting to hear the same speech that he’s practically memorized. “Tommy?” His thoughts were interrupted by his name being called. “Oh shit uh yeah?” “I asked if you wanted to introduce yourself.” “I’m Tommy and I am 15. I like music I guess.” Tommy never liked introducing himself, it was just too awkward. “Well I’m Phil, right next to me is my son Wilbur and Techno is around here somewhere.” Tommy just nodded. “Tom, we have to get going. I’ll see you in a month. I’m only a call away,” Sam noted as he walked towards the door, Ponk beside him. Tommy heard the door shut and knew it was final. “So I wanted to go over a couple things such as rules, curfews, and things like that.” Tommy had heard this many times before. He wasn’t allowed to go out, respect the people in the house, don’t speak unless spoken to, and many more he’s learned from previous homes. “So your curfew is 9 since you are 13, we don’t have many rules at all, only that you should have basic human decency, tell someone before you leave, and pick up your own mess. We only have a ‘cleaning day’ on Sunday since everyone, as I said, should clean up after themselves. That’s about it. Wilbur will give you a tour and show you your room.” He explained. It wasn’t as bad as other houses but things can always change. He doesn’t want to trust this house but he can’t help but feel safe.

 Wil motioned for him to follow him as he stood up. He slowly followed the older boy towards another room. “That was the living room, here's our dining room and kitchen.” He headed towards the stairs “Here are our bedrooms. Mine is here, Phils is across from mine, and Techno’s is down there. He’s currently in his room I think.” He led him further into the house. He nodded towards a door that looked like a bathroom, if the sign saying “Bathroom” above the door wasn’t obvious. He moved on quickly. “Here is your bedroom! It’s not decorated yet though. We will grab things from the mall tomorrow. Until then you can settle in if you’d like.” 

With that, he left Tommy to do what he pleased. He immediately went into his(the) room and set his bag on the ground next to the bed. He basically collapsed onto the bed, wincing in pain when he landed wrong. He just lied there until he felt his eyes drooping closed, the weight of the day slightly falling off of him.

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