Thorns and Glass

written by Moth

Tommyinnit Foster AU Because self projecting is my only way of coping =]

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New Friends

Chapter 2
It’s dark. All he can see is a figure in front of him, shorter than him with longer hair. “Hello Tom. Long time no see!” Tommy began backing up “Who’re you? What are you doing here?” He can feel panic rising in him. The person steps out of the darkness “Don’t you remember me my sunflower?” It was a woman with long blonde hair, green eyes and in a pretty flower dress. He thinks for a couple of seconds, the memory suddenly hitting him  “Momma?” His eyes gloss over “I’m here my flower” She opens her arms and he barrels into them. “I missed you mom. Why’d you leave” He’s now sobbing into her, feeling like a child again. “Shh, I'm right here. I’ve always been here my darling. You have to awaken now flower. Remember, I’m always here. If you need me just call.” Her voice echoes out and Tommy opens his eyes to see the room he slept in. The light was burning his eyes, waking him faster. 
He gets up and closes his curtain. He grabbed his bag from where he left it the previous night. When he opens it he smiles, his only belongings, a locket, a cow and moth plush, a baby blanket, a spool of yarn, and a crochet needle. He grabbed his only other outfit he has and headed to the bathroom. He quickly changed, ignoring the bruises and worrying bumps and gashes. He messed with his hair quickly before leaving the bathroom. He assumed it was around 9 AM from where the sun was. He pulled his yarn out and began working on his newest project, a plush mushroom. He originally started it for a previous foster parent but things happened that caused him to leave. Now he wants to finish it just to have another belonging.
His head shoots up when he hears a knock on the door followed by a monotonous voice. He cracked the door “Hey uh we’re headed to the mall now so you should probably get ready.” He only nodded before putting his yarn and needle away and standing up to leave. He quickly put his shoes on and left the room. “Oh you’re ready? Alright get in the car everyone!” As they went through the door he heard Wilbur yell “Shotgun!” followed by Phil laughing. Tommy was slow to follow behind, leaving space between him and Techno.
Tommy slid into the car, huddling next to the door, clearly uncomfortable. Techno gave him a small smile before returning to his usual straight face. For some reason Tommy really reminded Techno of himself when he was younger and was first fostered by Phil. He took his pocket sketchbook out of a pocket in the inside of his sweater and wrote a simple ‘Hello! I’m Techno.’ with a small pig in a crown. He passed the book to the younger boy with the same genuine smile from earlier. Tommy looked at the white haired boy with a confused expression, making him smile more and motion towards the note. Tommy picked it up and read it, writing ‘Tommy.’ back with a mushroom doodle. He passed it back to Techno, not expecting it to appear again with more writing and drawings. Techno drew a frog next to the mushroom and wrote ‘I’m sorry about Wil. He’s more extroverted than I am.’ which made Tommy smile. Wait, what? Why is he smiling? He doesn’t know this person and yet he makes him feel safe. He picked the book back up and drew two frogs next to each other on lily pads. He also included a little school of fish below them. Techno smiled at the drawings and wrote ‘You are good at drawing’ which Tommy responded with a simple ‘You too’. They flipped to the next page and Techno wrote first again. ‘Do you play any instruments?’
A little ukulele’
‘I play violin’
They barely noticed when they pulled up to a store and once they did, Techno quickly put the sketchbook away. “Can me and Tommy go together? I want to show him something” He asked before Phil tried to split them up. “If Tommy wants to I don’t see why not. Me and Wil can buy groceries.” Tommy only nodded his head. He felt the most comfortable around Techno, although he didn’t trust him quite yet. The other two went the opposite way after Phil gave Techno money. “Sorry if you felt pressured to come with me. I just wanted to show you a store I think you might like.”
“It’s fine.” Dammit why is he breaking down the walls he built for this one person. They could leave easily and he’d be heartbroken again. “Here it is.” He stopped in front of a store that had a lot of nature themed things. “Sorry if you don’t like it. I just thought you might like it.” Tommy barely heard what he said, too busy looking at everything. His eyes caught on only one thing in particular. He saw a wall of yarn and fabrics. “Oh Techno! Who’s this” a girl with dyed blonde hair and a few face piercings. “Oh, do you want me to introduce you to her?” Tommy nodded “Niki this is my foster sibling Tommy. Tommy, this is a friend of mine named Niki.”
“Nice to meet you Tommy! I run this store so if you ever need anything just let me know! We are normally never busy so it should be calm most of the time.” She explained with a smile. He only stared at her with a face that could be compared to a goldfish. “I’ll leave you two to be now!” She walked back to the counter and continued to sort the small bracelets on display. Techno looked at the wall of fabric and yarn and grabbed a few. “Hey Niki, can you help me cut this fabric?”
Tommy wandered off to a different area, suddenly arriving at a small music section. He spotted a violin and thought of Techno playing it. It was a light purple color with tiny painted stars. He saw a matching guitar and ukulele and gently grabbed the latter. He traced his fingers along the paint marks, there being imperfections which made it look better. He put it back just as gently as he grabbed it and went to look for Techno. He was at the checkout, just talking to Niki “Hey kid. Find anything that piqued your interest?” He thought about mentioning the instruments before shaking his head. “I gotta grab a couple things real fast so can you stay with Niki for just one moment? I’ll be right back” Tommy nodded again. His neck began hurting due to how much he’s been nodding. “I know you might not trust him just yet but he really likes you. I don’t think he’s even brought Wilbur here yet. He said he wants it to be special.” She smiled, giving Tommy a bracelet. “Here. Techno has one with a moon. It’s my thank-you to you.” Tommy held a bracelet with a small sun charm. The beads were sun stones. He smiled “Thank you Niki”. He looked back just in time to see Techno walking back with the violin and ukulele he saw earlier. “While grabbing more wax for my bow I saw these and thought they were perfect” He said “This is all.” She rang them up as Techno moved in front of the price, seemingly knowing Tommy was watching it.
Tommy slipped on the sun bracelet when he saw that Techno did in fact have a moon one. He had obsidian instead of sun stones which made sense. Techno gave Niki the money before she could say the price and waved goodbye as they headed to another store. “Now for room decoration. What’s your favorite color?” “Uh, red and yellow.” “Perfect” He went towards some curtains. “Yellow or red? They only have solids” Tommy pointed at the red curtains. “Good choice. These curtains make the room darker since they are thicker. I have black out curtains.” Techno headed towards some bean bags chairs and grabbed one yellow and one red. He also secretly grabbed a pack of crochet needles. 
Once they were done shopping they had already made a trip to the car. It made sense since they went to the decorations before clothes but it was still a long walk. They met up with Phil and Wilbur at the exit doors. Once they were together they went to the car. “Was it successful?” Phil trusted the boys to not get too distracted but he just wanted to make sure. “Yeah we got everything, including school supplies.”
Later that night once Tommy’s room was fully decorated he sat in front of his door. Why did he want to trust Techno so much? He knew how much it’d hurt but he couldn’t help but think he was genuine. He looked across the room towards the ukulele he bought him today and started playing it since it was already tuned. He played a short song called ‘Somebody to Lava’. He didn’t sing along but he did hum.
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