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Celeste Rune

Chapter 1 of 4

Walk Away

Erika was sitting on the hospital bed. She was just back from the army. They had said she could leave because she was pregnant. Erika was now holding the cute baby girl in her arms. She was already getting ideas for her name. Perhaps Ella or Emma. The door burst open. Micheal, the father was standing there. His eyes welled up with tears. "Lets call her Ethiania or Indeaki." He blurted out. Erika did not agree. Although Indeaki was a lovely name she wanted something else. "I choose the first name and you choose the last name." Micheal nodded. "Her name shall be Celeste." Erika said. "Her last name shall be Rune." Erika smiled. The doctors came back in. That`s when Erika noticed a young woman standing outside waiting. She new her face. She was the woman that was with Micheal before her. Something burst in her chest. And it was not a nice feeling.

A year later Celeste was on the beach. Micheal had gone to who now`s where. Erika was sleepy. She had not slept well last night. Her cat Orange Kitty was up all night mewing and and running around. Suddenly she saw Micheal creeping off near a tavern. Erika saw he was drunk. She new he had a drinking problem. But she had never thought it was that bad. He was talking with another girl. The same girl she saw the day Celeste was born. Erika got up and walked towards them. "You look good babe!" "Aw thanks! that deserves a kiss!" They kissed tenderly. Erika was frozen. She was hurt. So hurt she collected Celeste and went home to pack.

Micheal came home at nine thirty P.M. He was not drunk anymore. "Hey how are you sweetheart!" "Scooter i`m leaving." Her voice was calm. Micheal, Scooter froze. "Wh...what?" "I`m leaving. your drunk and you don`t love me. I`m going and i`m taking Celeste with me. Micheal was still frozen. He gulped. Erika picked up Celeste and her suitcase and walked out of the house with ought a backwards glance. She would have to call Listen, her sister. She had five sisters and two brothers. Listen was her closest sister. Even if she was a hokey player and she was really sporty. She was still good. Celeste fell asleep in her mothers arms.