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Celeste Rune

Chapter 2 of 4


When we got there things changed quickly. Celeste went to a day care. She found a new friend. Her friend was called Joy. she and Celeste acted rather strangely. All the children treated them with care. Almost like they were sisters. They would sometimes scare the other kids. sometimes the other kids were pulled towards them. But they were always together. A lot of children admitted to their parents they had seen Celeste and Joy doing strange things. Like doing back flips off swings and slides. The teacher sometimes caught Celeste with loads of food. And when she asked were they had come from Celeste had shrugged in response. Sometimes Joy could do impossible dance moves. One day the teacher had yelled at Joy for being a show off. Joy had told her little secret to Celeste and they both decided it was time for the teacher to have a little more funk. The next day the teacher went to school with purple hair and her clothes were very...personal. she flustered and spoke in a voice that showed she was scared. She suspected that Joy and Celeste had done it. But Celeste`s face was so small and cute that the teacher could not possibly think such a thing. 

Then I got married to Murad. He had always wanted to marry her. When he learnt I was single he proposed. I had excepted. The only problem was Celeste. She had a good life here. But Murad`s work was in Europe, Geneva, Switzerland. So we gave away our cat and we told Celeste. I had thought she was going to smile. But boy did she cry. she rushed out of the house and Joy and her spent the rest of the day planing something. The next day I spoke to Murad. But he shushed me and told me that he wanted to get married here. Strangely Celeste was smiling when he said this. So was Joy. So we had our wedding and moved. Celeste never saw Joy again.