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Celeste Rune

Chapter 3 of 4


The flight to Geneva on the plane was perhaps the easiest flight for Erika. If your carrying a one year old and your on a plane, usually things are hard. Usually the baby bursts into tears and cry`s (much to the annoyance of other people.) But Celeste was perfect. She just slept. After eight hours of horrible plane rides, Finally they had made it to Geneva. 

When they first entered their new apartment Celeste rushed in and squealed. Erika was displeased about how small it was. Murad said it was in good shape and it was the only one he could afford. 

Erika soon got very angry. She had absolutely no idea how to speak French. Everybody else did and Murad was learning faster then her. She decided to ask the people next door if they could teach her. They said there was a day-care for little toddlers. Erika enrolled Celeste into that. 

It would soon be Halloween and Erika wanted her daughter to find some friends that she would go trick or treating with. Celeste was dressed up as a pink fairy and Erika as a maid. They climbed up the stairs until they got to the fourth level. Erika knew there was a little girl living in that apartment, and she was only two years older then Celeste. When they knocked on the door they were greeted by this little girl. Celeste did`nt even get time to say anything because the girl gasped and whipped away. When the girl came back she shouted "HI I`M LOVEDAY! Do you want to play fairies?" Celeste nodded happily and they both into the apartment. Loveday`s mom came to the door. "Hello I`m Kathy!" Erika smiled. "Hi I`m Erika!"

Loveday had a big brother called Tristan who would sometimes beat her. She had another big brother called David, who had brought his girlfriend. His girlfriends name was Emily an she used to be their babysitter. Loveday`s dad was called Peter. 

Celeste told all this to her mom that night. She told her she had finally found another friend..