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Celeste Rune

Chapter 4 of 4

Not Magic

Loveday played with Indy everyday. They would usually play ponies or dress up. One day Erika took Celeste to the park where they met up with Loveday and Emily. "Hi Loveday!" Celeste said, while happily skipping towards her. Emily sat down on a bench with Erika to discuss grownup things that Celeste would probably never discuss. 

Loveday showed Celeste her most prized tree. "This tree is the best tree around." As Loveday talked about that tree Celeste was picking up all the fallen leaves. "Hey Loveday! watch this!" Celeste climbed the tree as high as she could  and then jumped from the top branch. Loveday screamed as she watched Celeste plumet to the ground, but strangely started to slow. Once she was safely on the ground she said "Want to try it Loveday!?" Loveday shook her head. "No...Im...afraid."

That was the day that Celeste understood that Loveday could not do magic like Joy. 

When Loveday told Emily about the amazing flight Celeste did, Emily laughed and told her "Such imagination!" So Loveday grew jealous and vowed that she would find out how Celeste had done it. Even tell Erika. 

"Erika. I saw Celeste do an almost impossible thing." Erika looked over with some interest and worry. "Oh...and what was that?" "It was like she was flying." Erika narrowed her eyes before smiling and saying "Im sure it was." Loveday frowned and stomped away. 

That night Erika had a long and serious talk with Celeste. "Honey you cant keep doing this." Celeste looked at Erikas troubled face and said "Why not?" "Because some people wont understand it. It will scare them as it scared Loveday." Celeste nodded, her already wide eyes had somehow managed to become even bigger than usual. "I understand."