Mrs Pomfrey'S Self Care Guide

This is a leaflet provided by Hogwarts infirmary, to help the students take care of their health and be awayre of the help available if they ever need it.

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Mental Health

Chapter 4

O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S are a stressful time for students and
breakdowns are a common occurrence at Hogwarts. Make sure you get enough sleep
and eat regularly in between your revision sessions. Take some time off to see
your friends and try to keep a routine.

If you feel depressed or unusually sad for long periods of
time when no dementors are around, please talk to someone, whether it’s a friend
or a teacher. I am myself available at any time in the hospital wing and can
provide you any help you might need to feel better.

 If you ever need it,
the infirmary has a stock of Dreamless Sleep potions, Draught of Peace,
Euphoria Elixir to help you cope with anything troubling your mind. Please
remember that potions can be addictive and that a therapy is strongly
recommended for serious cases. 

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