From enemies to lovers

written by Remy li

Ron breaks up with hermoine leaving her devastated but the most unlikely person comes to her side to comfort her. (Dramoine fanfic)

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Chapter 1

"Hermione!" Ron called "yeah?" she replied furiously. "Listen i know your mad at me but i promise it was just one time." "Oh really? Im sure youve snogged lavender plenty of times. Even while we were still together." She said, her voice breaking."Whats that even supposed to mean!?" Ron looked deep in her eyes trying to dig out even the slightest bit of empathy and forgiveness "it means were over ron." Hermione said with tears forming in her eyes. Ron opened his mouth to reason with her but she had already turned her back to go back to her dorm. She shared a room with Ginny so she was looking forward to being greeted with smiles and energy, too much energy.
"Hey 'Mione!" She said with huge smile painted across her face. Hermione stumbled over to her bed and flopped down face first. Ginny sat down beside her. "Wanna talk about it?" She said in a worried tone. Hermione rolled over and looked at Ginny. She explained what had happened in the last hour and when she finished she rolled back over and sobbed. "My brother is the stupidest human on planet earth!!UGGGHHHH!" She shouted. Hermione let out a small giggle and nodded. Ginny went back to the table in front of the fireplace and did her homework while hermoine took a nap. Once it was dinner, Ginny woke hermione and pulled her out of bed. On the way to the great hall, hermione bumped into someone. She looked up and saw a pair of smokey grey eyes staring down at her "Typical mudbloods." By these two words she could already tell who it was."Had a nice, deep sleep i presume?" "Buzz off Malfoy" she snapped. Draco rolled his eyes and walked away.

After dinner Ginny walked the half asleep hermione back to their dorm. "how could you let me leave the dorm like that Gin?" She said while brushing all the knots out of her bushy brown hair. Ginny looked at her feet, then back at hermione. "sorry 'Mione!" She said. "Its not like you saw anyone important tho." "Yeah- i guess- maybe?" Ginny thought nothing of her mumbles because hermione was half asleep.

Hermione couldnt get those smokey eyes out of her head. She mentally slapped herself. This is draco malfoy she was thinking about! The kid who bullied her all throughout her years at hogwarts, just because her parents are muggles. But she just couldnt rekease the thought of him. She switched off the lights and went to sleep.



(Authors note; 

this is my first ever fanfic on HiH and im not entirely used to the format/font stuff so  i apologize if its difficult to read! Hope you like the first chapter so far :) )

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