World of Warrior (cats)

written by Brightsky

Ugh, do we really need another quiz book all about warriors? It feels like they never stop coming. But still. It's a pretty good book (if I do say so myself). Read MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (I say this with putter oliteness, obviously. I MEAN UTTER POLITENESS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

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Chapter 1

Warriors: Welcome to the Forest!


First, let’s choose your name!


            Every warrior needs a name fit for their great deeds. Let’s figure out yours. Choose the LAST letter in your FIRST name or nickname, or the FIRST letter in your LAST name for your mighty prefix.

A – Amber, Ash                                   S – Squirrel, Smolder

B – Brook, Bracken                             T – Twig, Thrush

C – Cloud, Cheetah                             U – Umber, Aspen

D – Dove, Deer                                    V – Violet, Vine

E – Eagle, Ember                                 W – Wren, Weed

F – Feather, Frost                                X – Tiger, Tawny

G – Golden, Grass                                Y – Yellow, Yarrow

H – Heather, Hollow                              Z – Briar, Blaze

I – Ice, Icy

J – Jay, Jewel

K – Crow, Cinder

L – Light, Lion

M – Mouse, Maple

N – Nettle, Night

O – Oak, Oriole

P – Pounce, Poppy

Q – Quick, Quiet

R – Rain, Rowan

            Got your prefix? Excellent. Now we’ll make your secretive (or not) suffix. Choose your birth month, or, if you’d rather not, pick another prefix from above.

January – Song, Spirit

February – Leaf, Slash

March— Streak, Shard

April – Moss, Fall

May – Ripple, Storm

June – Flame, Tooth

July – Petal, Tail

August – Leap, Flight (I do hope your name doesn’t start with an “S”)

September – Pelt, Stripe

October – Stem, Breeze

November – Heart, Pool

December – Claw, Fur


For example: Say your name is Charlie Weasley and your birthday is in December (hypothetically, of course). Therefore, your name is Eagleclaw, Eaglefur, Emberclaw, Emberfur, Wrenclaw, Wrenfur, Weedclaw, or Weedfur.


Next up! Your role!

            Every warrior by the lake has a role. And no matter what, that role means something to the clan, even if they don’t exactly seem too useful. Elders, for instance, not only represent the past generations of the Clan, but they also inspire new hope in apprentices with tales of the ancient Clans and stories of their powerful predecessors. So, here we go!


1.) What can you usually do on a nice, crisp fall day?

a.     Rolling around in the sun with your littermates. Hey, what else is there to do?

b.     Lazing around. Ahh, the sun feels so-o-o-o great. Wait, is that my mentor? ACK!

c.      Hunting! Feeding the clan is the most important thing to you!

d.     Organizing a patrol. You know rogues have been lurking in your territory… PREPARE TO DIE ROGUES!!!!!!!!!

e.     Relaxing. Don’t tell anyone! But, I mean, I have earned it!

f.       Rolling your eyes at the paws’ ludicrous stories. Seriously, how did she manage to get hedgehog bristles in her tail?

g.     Listening to the paws’ ludicrous stories – and then bragging about how you’ve done better.

2.) What is a personality trait you would like to have?

a.  Mature

b.  Brave

c.  Calm ←me sigh

d.  Empathetic

e.  Confident

f.   Firm

g.   Acceptant


3.) What do you want to be when you are older?

a.     An actor

b.     A singer

c.      A teacher

d.     A writer ← me. 100%

e.     An authoritative figure of some sort

f.       A vet

g.     I don’t want to think about it


4.) What is your best personality trait?

a.     Flexible

b.     Smart

c.      Quick-thinking

d.     Strong-willed

e.     Trustworthy

f.       Sympathetic

g.     Experienced

5.) What is your favorite season?

a.     Anytime it’s warm, cozy, and dry in my den.

b.     Summer, because the prey is slower.

c.      Fall, because the prey is slower AND fatter. I’ve outwitted you, paws!!

d.     Anything but winter because winter is terrible.

e.     I agree with D., but we still need winter. Ahem. *Puts on professor hat* StarClan, ancestors, new life, blah, blah, blah. *Removes stupid-looking hat*

f.       Spring. Lots of good herbs... catnip, marshmallow, ooh, burdock!!  Mm-mm. I’m distracted.

g.     Anytime the hunting’s good. Hmph.


6.) What is your favorite food?

a.     MILK! YUM!

b.     Squirrel. Aah, I do love squirrels, yum yum. Easy to catch, easy to eat.

c.      I just love a nice, juicy mouse. It’s so healthy and delicious.

d.     A big, plump rabbit! I need my strength if I’m going to go defend our territory!

e.     A small thrush will do for me. The queens and elders are more important.

f.       Hm? Oh, I suppose I could eat a vole or two. Actually, I’m starving! Wonder why?

g.     A big, fat rabbit. So-o-o-o tasty.


7.) What is your worst personality trait? (Not to be confused with question #2) (Be honest)

This is funny… because they’re ALL ME. Except for d.

a.     I’m not very mature.

b.     I’m lazy sometimes.

c.      I jump to conclusions.

d.     I can’t see the good in people.

e.     I’m bossy.

f.       I see too much good in people.

g.     I can be a jerk sometimes. But not on purpose!

8.) Sum up yourself in 1 word

a.     Funny

b.     Resourceful

c.      Brave (stand-up-to-bully brave. Not roar-I-kill-you brave) (this is not 1 word)

d.     Honorable

e.     Protective

f.       Kind

g.     Wise


9.) What would your ideal pet be?

a.     A puppy! Something I could play with nonstop!

b.     A rat. Hey, they’re cute!

c.      A horse, so I could escape all my problems

d.     A bird. Pretty, but self-sufficient

e.     A lizard. I don’t have a ton of time for a pet.

f.       A full-grown rescue dog. Preferably ginormous.

g.     Something cuddly. Or freaky. Or both.



Mostly A’s – You are a KIT!

Mostly B’s – You are an APPRENTICE!

Mostly C’s – You are a WARRIOR!

Mostly D’s – You are a DEPUTY!

Mostly E’s – You are a LEADER!

Mostly F’s – You are a MEDICINE CAT!

Mostly G’s – You are an ELDER!

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