Hogwarts Proposal

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

Ron has been working up the courage to ask Hermione for her hand for a long time. Will now be the time?

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Chapter 1 : Confessions

Chapter 1

It was early in the morning. Everyone had been living at the Burrow since the Battle of Hogwarts. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny shared the biggest bedroom  in the house. It had 4 twin size beds. The colour of the beds are beach themed. Ginny and Hermione on one side, Harry and Ron on the other. Hermione and Ginny had candy hidden around the whole room. Hermione stuck her head around her four-poster bed. Mrs Weasley called up the stairs. “Harry! Ronald! Ginerva and Hermione! BREAKFAST!” She said loudly. Ginny and Ron’s faces went as red as their hair. They heard Mr Weasley talking to Mrs Weasley. “Mollywobbles, they are probably still asleep!” He said in a whisper type voice.  Everyone upstairs burst into laughs. “Mum!” George called down the stairs. “I haven’t ever seen Dad call you Mollywobbles!” Mrs. Weasley’s face grew bright pink. “ARTHUR!” She called after him as he left the house in a panic. Mrs. Weasley stormed out of the house after him. “C’mon, let's get some breakfast. I'm starving.” Ron said with a moan. “Mione, help me get the plates.” Ginny called. Hermione rushed over to the kitchen. “How about white ones today?” Hermione said. “I don't know. Depending on the meal.” Ginny answered. “Okay, these turquoise plates should do.” Hermione said firmly. “That looks okay!” Ginny added. Hermione walked out of the room with the turquoise plates. She sets them out in front of everyone. “Ginny! Where are the cups!” Hermione called. “I’ll get them!” Ron said. “Accio Cups!” All the cups in the house glided to him. “Ronald Billius Weasley!” said a voice behind them. Mrs Weasley had just entered the room from chasing Mr Weasley.  “You almost broke all of the cups!” Mr Weasley said, looking at his son, struggling to hold them all. “Pass them out you moron!” Ginny called. George came down from his room and mimicked Ron’s struggle. “What have I missed?” He said. “Ronald being a moron.” Ginny answered, rolling her eyes. “He’s not a moron. He’s simply just a-.” Hermione stopped to think of something. “Just a less intelligent person.” She said proudly. “Thanks.” Ron muttered. The door flung in at the Burrow. It was an owl. Professor McGonagall’s Owl. “It’s from McGonagall.” Hermione said excitedly. This is what It read. 


Dear Harry Potter, Ron and Ginny Weasley, and Hermione Granger,


More and more of our students are becoming squibs. They believe they can be as good as Harry Potter. They keep trying, but realise they never can be as good as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.  So I have a plan. You’re invited to stay at Hogwarts, well fed, well slept, and a professor. We would like you to stay for just a semester. The students can learn from you, just as they did in Dumbledore’s Army. Your secret is safe with me. Please come as soon as possible. I know it is half-way into the year, but it would be a huge favour. 


Minerva McGonagall


Hermione’s eyes lit up. “We gotta go!” She said. “I don’t know.” Harry said. ‘The Ministry is blowing up.” Ron looked at Harry. “Why not take a break?” “So you’re agreeing with her? Your joke shop is blowing! George won’t wanna work alone.” Harry said angrily. “Harry, you should take time off from work too.” Ginny said. “I can’t. I’m earning too much right now. If I take a day off I’m fired.” Harry said. Ginny sighed. “Harry, you got so much money when you defeated Voldemort.” Ginny said looking hopeful. ‘It’s just for a few months!” Harry gave in. “I’ll set up the car,” Harry said. “No. I need a word.” Ron said with a glare. “Okay, let's go to our room.” Harry said. They shut the bedroom door. “Y’know why I want to go to Hogwarts?” Ron said as soon as he heard the door click. “Why?” Harry answered. “Because, it’s Hermione’s favourite place.” Ron said excitedly. Ron couldn’t wait for Harry to answer. “I want to propose to her there!” He said. Harry’s eyes locked. He couldn’t blink. “You what?” He said. “To propose to her there. I’ve arranged it with Professor McGonagall. No one there is turning into squibs because of us.” Ron said. “Oh. Okay.” Harry said. “That's all? Oh. Okay.” Ron repeated. Harry pointed his head to the door. “Cmon.” He whispered. “I won't say anything.” He added. They went to the car, and Harry and Ron took a seat in the back.

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