The Qudditch Proposal

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

Harry and Ginny have been a happy couple for nearly four years. Everybody lectures Harry if he's proposed yet. Harry has finally had it. Will he be able to propose on top of the drama going on?

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The Burrow

Chapter 1

Harry and Ron were up early on a Saturday morning, drinking coffee. Harry seemed to be the only one awake.


 “Harry, remind me why we are up?” Ron asked, glancing at the sun which had barely risen.


 “I’ve told you! I am going to propose to Ginny,” Harry said, taking another sip of coffee.


 “Okay,” Ron said, groaning. Harry took a ring out of his pocket. 


“It was my mother’s. My dad proposed to her with it,” He said, holding it up. Ron looked at it. 


“I guess she can’t say ‘No’ if you’re proposing with your mum’s ring.” Ron laughed.


 “No, I suppose not.” Harry chuckled.


 “So you’re really doing it then?” Ron asked, taking a huge sip of coffee. 


“Yeah,” He said confidently. 


“Well, don’t screw it up…. She’s my sister, and well…. Don’t screw it up —,” 


“Ron, I’ve been through this with all of your brothers. And your dad.” Harry said, stuffing the ring back into his pocket. 


“Oh then….Good. It was getting a little awkward.” Ron said. Harry laughed. 


“I need it to be perfect,” Ron nodded, taking a gulp of coffee. 


“And it better be, she’s my sister,” He said again. “I know!” Harry said, shaking his head. “When are you proposing?” Ron asked. 


“Tonight, I suppose you can give me tips,” Harry said, jerking his head. 


“What do you mean ‘give me tips’?” Ron asked. 


“You proposed to Hermione. What does it feel like?” Harry asked nervously. Ron looked at him. 


“Seriously?” He asked, laughing.


 “You're not that scared are you mate?” Ron said, setting his coffee on the table. Harry looked affronted. 


“Well, yes!” He said. Harry grabbed some more coffee. 


“So?” Harry added, feeling a sudden urge to get Ron to talk. 


“Well, it feels like someone punches you in the stomach when you ask,” said Ron. 

 Harry looked at him. 


“What?!” Ron looked alarmed. He took another gulp of coffee. 


“It feels painful when you ask,” He added. Harry looked as though he had been smacked across the face.


 “And you’re telling me this now?” He asked furiously. Ron nodded sarcastically. Harry grinned, then reached for some more coffee. Ron passed him the container of sugar, then poured at least a cup of sugar into his glass. Ron looked at his enchanted clock, which read 6:27, and got up. 


“It’s about six-thirty Harry, why are we up?” He asked, taking a huge yawn.


 “Ron, I am proposing to your sister,” He said with a sigh. Ron looked at him. 


“Ginny? Oh okay,” Ron yawned again.


 “Must be tired,” Harry muttered. Ron looked back at him. 


“Sorry?” He asked. 


“Nothing,” Harry said quickly. 


 Ron looked outside to see the snow falling hard. Everyone in the Weasleys was still asleep. Ron walked up to the kitchen and started cooking bacon and eggs. Harry took a seat in the living room. He opened his book titled ‘A History of Magic’. He started reading the first chapter, when Hermione came down from upstairs. “Merry Christmas Harry!” She said yawn fully. She went up to Ron and kissed him, then gave Harry a hug, and joined him on the couch.


 “You’ve never opened that book have you?” She asked him. Harry immediately shut it. 


“Yes,” He said proudly. Hermione raised her eyebrows. 


“Maybe once —,” He added. He caught Hermione’s eye. 


“When I opened it eight years ago.” He said. Hermione sighed. 


“No wonder you have never got anything higher than a D in History of Magic,” She opened a book of her own. It was ‘The Beedles of Bard’ The book Dumbledore left her in his Will. Harry opened the book back up and continued to read. Ron came out and sat on the couch.


 “Never knew you could read,” He took a huge gulp of coffee. 


“Always thought it was just her who was gifted to do that,” Harry grinned. Hermione grinned a little too. 


“Ron, could you get me some coffee as well?” Hermione said after a while. Ron stood up and walked into the kitchen. 


“Caramel syrup with whipped topping?” He asked from the kitchen. Hermione and Harry jumped up. 


“Yes,” Hermione said. Harry sat back down. 


“I’m proposing to Ginny,” Harry said, reaching for a copy of The Daily Prophet. Hermione set her book down so loudly, that it sounded as though someone had just smacked her the very best they could. 


“What?!” She sounded alarmed and excited. Harry looked at her in confusion. 


“You’ve been wanting me to do it since February! Last year!” said Harry.

 Hermione looked totally alarmed. 


“That was unexpected. Ginny will be happy,” Hermione said, snatching The Daily Prophet out of Harry’s hand. Harry looked startled that she did that. 


“Isn’t it the best time to do it? Unexpectedly?” He demanded.


 “And yes, you may look at The Daily Prophet,”He added.  Hermione glared at him. Ron came out with Hermione’s coffee then sat back on the couch. Suddenly, the stairs started to rumble with steps. Victorie and Teddy came running down the stairs. 


“Mummy! Teddy is pushing me again!” Victorie cried to her mother. Fleur came downstairs. 


“Zat ‘s life, Victorie,” She said. Bill came down the stairs. He lifted Victorie up off of her feet. 


Mr and Mrs Weasley came down the stairs next. 


“Is Percy up yet? I heard he came last night with his newborn daughter, Molly!” Mrs Weasley sounded excited to hear Percy had his first daughter named after her. Percy rushed downstairs. 


“Audrey and Molly are still asleep, mum,” He said. Mrs Weasley looked disappointed. Then she looked excited. 


“Let's wake them up,” She said, walking towards the stairs. Percy stepped in front of her. 


“No! Molly’s got her mother’s rest head. She needs beauty sleep,” he said. Mrs Weasley looked gloomy again. Bill led Percy into the kitchen. 


“Perce, your job is breakfast,” He said, handing him a cast-iron pan. Percy looked at the pan, then turned the stove top on. Victorie and Teddy sat in the living room. Victorie ran into the kitchen.


 “Mummy, what’s for breakfast?!” She said, pulling Fleur’s robes. “I zon’t ow,”


 They heard the stairs rumbling. Audrey and Molly had awoken, and came downstairs. 


“Audrey dear! My mother would like to meet Molly,” Audrey came into view with a beautiful red haired daughter in her hands.


 “Mrs Weasley, this is Molly Prewett Weasley,” She said smiling.


 Percy looked apologetic. 


“We named her after you, because I feel terrible about being a — a —,” Percy swallowed. He wanted to say the last thin



“Ministry-loving, family-disowning, power-hungry moron,” He said finally. Mrs Weasley sobbed harder than ever. The name had never seemed to sink in. Percy had betrayed their family, and Fred made a joke about it. Mr Weasley suddenly came bursting into the doorway of the Burrow. 


“Molly!” He said. He looked up and noticed Percy was here. 


“Percival Ignatius Weasley!” He said dangerously.


“You left our family and you came back? Why?” He asked. Percy inhaled.


 “I came back at the Battle of Hogwarts, shortly before Fred’s death,” He said immediately. Hermione stood up. 


“I think we should give him another chance!” She said confidently. Ron stood up. 


“No we shouldn’t,” Hermione glared at him. 


“He’s your brother —,” 


“Like he said! He is a ministry-loving, family-disowning, power-hungry moron. Why should we forgive a moron?” Ron said furiously. Harry cut in. 


“Guys! We shouldn’t fight about forgiveness!”


“You shouldn’t be telling me and Ron what to do! Only I tell you and Ron what to do!” She said loudly. Victorie came out from the living room.


 “Zat zill ze zenough!” She said over their voices. 


“‘ou zon’t zain zay zay,” She said, then stormed off into the living room. Fleur and Bill looked at each other. Then everyone burst into laughter. 


Zat ‘as zunny,” Fleur said. 


“Darn right it was,” Mrs Weasley said. The stairs began to rumble again. Ginny had woken up. 


“Morning, family and friends!” She said cheerfully. She was wearing a dark green dress, with her hair down. Harry smiled at her. 


“Good morning,” He said. She smiled back at him. 


“I see you didn’t even get dressed,” She said. She looked around the house to see no one was dressed, just in pajamas. 


“I see none of you are formally dressed, all as well,” She said, making a march to grab a cup of coffee. 


“Victoire! Teddy! Molly! Good Morning!!” She said. Teddy looked at her.


 “Ginny, I think all girls have cooties!” He said, then hugged her tightly. Ginny looked at him. 


“Then why are you hugging me?” She asked him, smiling brightly.


 “You and Grandma don’t have them!” He said.  Ginny laughed. So did Victorie. Teddy looked serious. 


“I’m serious!” He said loudly. Ginny laughed harder than ever. Victorie patted him on the back. 


“Zat ‘ill ‘e ‘nough,” She said again. Harry’s heart sank. He knew Teddy didn’t mean to say ‘Sirius’ like he was talking about him; but it still hurt. 


“I — I’ma get some — air,” He said.


 “Harry, You alright?” Hermione asked. 


Harry nodded. He put his hand up in his hair. He lowered it on top of his scar. It had started burning. Harry walked out of the house and towards the gardens. He walked into the garden, and lowered his hand into the garden bed. A red figure popped out of the garden. It looked to be alive, because it had just bitten him on the hand. 


Garden gnomes!” Harry muttered under his breath. 


“Gnome saliva is enormously beneficial and a gift by none other than gnomes themselves,” said a light, soft voice from behind him. Harry must’ve jumped so far into the garden bed, to get bitten by several gnomes. Harry looked up and saw Xenophillius and Luna Lovegood, in the Weasley house garden. 


“What the — how the — Xenophilius? Luna?” He said. Luna smiled brightly. 


“You don’t have to call daddy Xenophilius — Xeno works quite as well,” She said. Harry stood up immediately, and put his hand behind his back. Xenophilius took his own hand and grabbed his bitten hand. 


“Gnome bites are precious,” He said, examining every angle. Harry reluctantly smiled. 


“What are you doing here?” He ended up asking. Luna dropped her handbag she was holding. 


“Opps — Let me pick that up,” She said, kneeling down to pick it up.  


“You and Ginny,” She said. Harry went red.


 “Rubbish. Where’d you hear rubbish from?” Harry lied. Luna looked thoughtful. 


“Maybe from everyone one of the Weasleys and Hermione,” Luna said, without a scent of sarcasm in her voice. Harry stared at her.


 “Hello Mr. Potter!” Xenophilius said, shaking Harry’s now swollen hand. “Better take that inside dear one,” Harry looked up at him. 


“I thought gnome saliva was good for you,” He said. Xenophilius nodded. 


“Oh yes! Very much, but once it gets swollen,” He said. Harry didn’t need him to finish the sentence. 


“I’ll get going inside then,” Harry said. Harry set back for the house, clutching his right swollen hand. He tried healing it himself; but he is right handed, and it made the swollen bruise worse. Harry went inside. He shut the door, but accidently got his wand stuck in the door. His wand tip chipped off. Harry cursed under his breath. Ginny stood up. 


“Harry, are you okay?” She said, She had not noticed his hand until now. 


“Oh my goodness! Harry James Potter what the hell did you do?” It was red, swollen, and bleeding. Ginny took her wand out.


 “I dunno if this will help! Episkey!” Ginny pointed it directly on his hand. The bleeding had stooped, and the cut had gone. She kissed him then walked back over to Teddy, Victorie, and Molly. Harry smiled, then touched his scar again. It was burning fiercely, but he had no idea how. Harry suddenly fell to the ground. His eyes blurred. He felt his head spinning. He saw flashes of green light. Then he saw Voldemort’s face. When the face spoke, it did not sound at all close to Voldemort. It sounded female. 


“Harry Potter. Scar still hurting? My father could control your mind, and I can too. I am Delphini Riddle. I am coming for you. I will complete what my father didn’t finish. My mother and father; dead. My mother’s husband;dead. I am coming.” The voice said. Harry’s eyes closed. His hand fell on his scar. The whole world seemed to go silent.


 “Harry!” Ginny yelled; though Harry could not hear. Hermione and Ginny raced to pick him up. 


“Harry — c’mon mate, — wake up mate!” Ron said, poking his finger at him. Harry felt no pain, just this pain as though he had been placed under the Cruciatus Curse. Harry could slightly feel him being moved around, but not much. He mumbled something under his breath. Ron and Hermione went closer to him to hear. 


“Not Hermione! Not Ginny! Not Ron!” Hermione looked as though to scream. 


“He’s seeing those dreams!” She shrieked. Ginny burst into tears.


 “I thought that was over!” She yelped. Ron shook his head. 


“I thought that I could not worry about —” Ron quickly interrupted. 


“Worry about Harry? You didn’t need to!” Ron was on the edge of yelling. 


“Harry’s the Chosen One! And the Boy who lived!” Hermione glared at him. 


“I got Splinched! Splinched!” Ginny looked ready to hit him. 


“Ronald Bilius Weasley! I didn’t marry you to be an arrogant rag!” Hermione said. 


“What?!” He asked. Hermione muttered something, Ginny heard her. “Complete arse!” Ginny nodded, wiping her tears.


 “Harry is  usually alright —” Hermione nodded. 


Harry began moving, then sat up. He opened his eyes. 


“Who’s there?” Harry asked, moving his hand around to find his glasses. Hermione put the glasses on him. 


“Hermione! Ron!” He said, wrapping his arms around their necks. 


“Gin,” He added, kissing her on the cheek. Ginny smiled. Ginny pulled something out of her jacket pocket.  


“Chocolate,” She said, sticking the piece in his mouth. Teddy unexpectedly ran to Harry. 


“Harry, are you alright?” He asked. Harry nodded. 


“I’m spectacular,” He said, standing up. Hermione, Ginny, and Ron laughed.


“I — er — I will have to go get some air,” Ginny said, then stormed out of the house. Harry sighed. Harry heard Ginny’s surprised voices to hear Luna and Xenophilius. 


“Luna!” Ginny said. Harry sat down on the couch, took another copy of The Daily Prophet. Hermione and Ron came downstairs.  


“Harry,” Hermione began. 


“Hermione, stop it! Whatever you’ve got to say, I don’t wanna hear it!” Harry said loudly. Hermione looked affronted. 


“Harry I just wanted to say,” She said. Harry cut in front of her again. 


Hermione!” Harry said even more loudly. Hermione looked ready to cry. 


“Mate, calm dow —,” Ron said.


 “I will NOT,” He said louder than ever. 


“I’m overwhelmed right now, alright?” Harry said stubbornly. Hermione looked at Ron, then at Harry. 


“Harry we know,” He said. 


“Delphini is coming,” Harry blurted out.


 “Who is Delphini?” Hermione and Ron said at once.


 “Delphini Riddle,” Harry said. His whole body was shaking. 


“Delphini — Riddle?” Ron repeated. Harry nodded calmly. Hermione stared at him. “


Riddle?” She said, thinking that if she repeated it long enough, Harry would explain.


 “As in Tom Marvolo Riddle,” Hermione said. Harry nodded.


 “She took over my mind,” Harry said. Hermione gasped. 


Harry! You’ve been getting those dreams? And your Scar! Oh Harry! Your Scar!” Hermione gasped for breath. Ron looked concerned. 


“Delphini might be after someone to get to me,” Harry said.


 “They went after Ginny! And you guys, and Cedric!” Harry’s scar burned. Hermione shrieked. 


“Voldemort’s daughter! It all adds up!” Hermione ran up the stairs. Bill, George, Percy, Audrey, Fleur, Victorie, Molly, and Teddy came downstairs. 


“What a Christmas!” George said sarcastically. Hermione ran down the steps with a gigantic book in her hands. 


“I was doing some research,” She said, flipping the book open. 


“And found this,” She said, pointing to a chapter title. “ Chapter 48: How to Bewitch the Mind! Two drops of Dragon’s Blood. One pint of dragon scales. One pinch of Floo Powder.” Hermione closed the book and drew her wand.


 “Accio!” Bottles of Dragon’s Blood, Dragon Scales, and Floo Powder came into Hermione’s hands. 


“Harry? Could you get the cauldron?” She asked sweetly. Harry stood up and got the cauldron. He put it on the floor in front of Hermione, who was now kneeling on the ground. 

“Two drops of Blood, One pint scales, and a pinch of powder,” She muttered. 


“This should make Marciais Mais, the Bewitching the Mind Potion.” Hermione said. She sprinkled the Powder in, and it turned green. Hermione added fertilizer, and gave Harry a glass of Marcais Mais.


 “Drink it Harry, it will help,” Harry stared at her as if it was all a joke. 


“I’ve never heard of Marcais Mais before Hermione,” Harry said. 


“Don’t make excuses Harry! Now drink!” said Hermione. 


“Hermione, Marcais Mais doesn’t sound real —” Ron said. Hermione glared at him. 


“Do you think Snape ever taught us to bewitch the mind? He taught Harry Occlumeny,” Hermione gestured to Harry, to drink. Harry looked down at the Marcais Mais which was green. 


“Hermione, I don’t think this will help —,” Harry started but immediately got cut over by Hermione.


 “It will! Have you ever doubted me before?” She asked furiously. 


Harry didn’t want to answer. Did he doubt her ever before? And if he hadn’t, why is he doubting the one who is anyways right? She was right about The Half-Blood Prince, she was right about Lupin. She was right about him being a Parselmouth, and she was right about the Three-Headed Dog. She helped him get past the smoke, and herself to get back through. Why would he be doubting her now?


 “I guess,” He said timidly, taking a sip of the Marcais Mais. Harry’s pain slowly went out of him. Harry could hear someone yelling as he drank.


 “Noooooooooooooo,” It said. Harry dropped the glass, and it shattered. He covered his ears. 


“Harry!” Hermione yelled. 


“Why did you drop your glass? Why are you covering your ears?” She asked. 


“The yelling! You didn’t hear it?” Harry asked. Hermione and Ron shook their heads. Why had someone screamed? Was Hermione right? Did it help?

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