Real Magic

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

It's the seventh year, and Hermione wants to make Ron jealous, and Draco wants to make Astoria jealous. They start to develop feelings for each other. They start to fake date, but will their fake love turn into Real Magic?

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Chapter 1

(Hermione's P.O.V) 

I was walking to class when Draco came fast walking down the hall. "Kiss me," He whisper-yelled. "What?" I said, turning to him, but before i could say anything else, he was kissing me. He let go when he heard crying. "Who's that?" I asked. "Astoria," He said. "Why did you kiss me?" I asked. "Look. I want to make Astoria jealous, and you want to make Weaselbee jealous, right?" Draco said. Good plan. Wait- no! Me and Draco and nemesis. Why would I want to fake go out with him? "Sounds good?" Draco asked. "Whatever," I mumbled. "Ron's coming," Draco said. "Kiss me again," He kissed me again. I heard Ron's shoe stop, then turn around. "it actually worked!" I exclaimed. "we better keep it up," Draco said. "See you later," I said. "See you," Draco said, walking away.

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