Harry + Ginny: Being Parents

written by Izzy

The Golden Trio and Ginny have been through so much in their short lives. Are they ready for kids?

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Telling Everyone

Chapter 1

"Hey Harry," Ginny said. "Yeah hon. What is it?" Harry replied. "Well, I'm pregnant." Ginny answered, her hair swishing in the wind. "Like with MY baby?!?" Harry exclaimed. "No with Ron's baby. Joking! Harry, we're going to be parents!" Harry kissed Ginny more passionately than he ever had before. "Gins I'm so excited." Harry said. "I knew I was the luckiest man ever to exist when you said 'yes' at my proposal." "Oh Harry, what about Teddy? We completely forgot about him!" Ginny said. "Oh, don't worry, Mrs Tonks will look after him for a bit." Harry said reassuringly. "GINNY, HARRY!" Mrs Weasley screamed. "TIME FOR DINNER!" "Hello Molly," said Harry. "Z'ello." Fleur said, taking her seat at the table. "Mummy'" Victore said. "Where's Teddy?" "Z'es at Mrs Tonkz hou'ze." Fleur said. "With his Grand'zma." Mrs Weasley bought the food out and everyone tucked in. "How is everybody?" Hermione said. "Good, good." Replied Fleur. "Go on Gin, tell them," Harry whispered. "Well...well... I'm pregnant." Ginny said, going pink in the face. Harry hugged Ginny and she and him walked off to go sit on the couch, followed by Hermione, Ron, Molly and Arthur.

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