The After-War Marriage Law -Fremione

written by Kenzie Elz

IN PROGRESS *Fred Weasley never died but everyone else who died in the book did.*This is a Fremione(FredxHermione)fiction so if you ship Harmione, Dramione, or Romione, you shouldn't read it, but otherwise, I do suggest it "No, Frederick, I'm not going to let you get taken to Azkaban. I'll just tell Ron not to request me." Hermione stated, walking away from Frederick and into the yard.

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The Letters

Chapter 1

Hey! So I've written other fanfictions (Dramione, Hinny, Romione, and others) just not on HIH, so I don't think that I'll post them here. Anyway, onto the first chapter!

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Hermione's 3rd person POV

      The scream she heard was so loud that it woke her from Ron's old room at the top of the burrow. Ron and Harry had moved down to Bill's old and empty room, so Hermione and Ginny could separate. Hermoine didn't know what was going on and before she could process anything, she was out of bed, wand pointed at the door ready to fire any harmful spell she could think of. It wasn't her fault, the war had gotten to all of them and they'd learned to be on alert at all times, Hermione's brain just couldn't settle down anymore. She was always on edge. The door to her room creaked open, she readied herself and... It was just Harry.

"Hermione? It's okay, we all got mail and Ginny opened her letter first but she won't talk about it since she's kind of in shock." If it had to do with the Ministry, she'd already know since she’s Head of The Department for Regulation and Control for Magical Creatures(DRCMC) and she's Head of The Department of Magical Education(DME), plus she was first in line for becoming Minister for Magic, a pretty big deal for a muggle-born, people thought. So it couldn’t be about the Ministry or they would’ve told her.

"Hermione, come downstairs soon, please, Ginny will only listen to you," Harry said from the doorway.

"Yea, comin'! Lemme jus' get ready," Hermione responded, still lost in her thoughts and half asleep. She already dismissed the possibility of this mess being about the Ministry, and now she was trying to narrow the possibilities down even further. She quickly got ready to head downstairs.

*Sorry if the chapter was too short, I'll try to make the next one longer*

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