Second Years Guide to Ace Herbology: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for HERB-201. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Herbology Glossary

Chapter 1

Aggressive Plants ⊱ Any plant that grows quick or quite far beyond your intended area.

Aphids ⊱ Plant lice that acts as garden pests.

Botany Butterflies ⊱ Also known as Chlorophillar. It is a pest only when it's in its larval stage of life.

Brackish ⊱ A moderate amount of salt that can be found in swamps, deltas, & estuaries.

Bug Repelling Charm ⊱ An invisible barrier around the plant to hide its scent from insects. It can be very hard to enchant an entire plot. Recast the spell every season to keep it hidden from bugs.

Chizpurfles ⊱ Magical insects that acts as pests. They will leave magical plants in ruins to the point of no revival.

Common Ivy ⊱ Also known as Hedra Helix.

Containment Charm ⊱ To keep aggressive or invasive plants under control by containing them to an desired area. Backfired spells will either not work or the plant will spread to an undesired area.

Cooling Enchantment ⊱ Stores fruits & plants in a cool temperature.

Dancing Plant Charm ⊱ Never use this spell on magical plants. It makes it move in a choreograph way. It will last until the Effect-Cancelling Charm is cast.

Darkening Charm ⊱ Darkens the area as a two-way mirror tint. Backfired spells can fry the plant as if it was under a magnifying glass.

Disinfecting Charm ⊱ Cleans the desired area.

Diuretic ⊱ A drug that causes you to urinate frequently.

Emergent ⊱ A plant that grows on the shoreline or boggy, swampy areas.

Emersed ⊱ A plant that lays on top of the water or sticks out of the water.

Flesh-Eating Slugs ⊱ Slugs that can digest both plants & skin.

Full Moon ⊱ When the moon is fully visible.

Full Shade ⊱ Plants that need six hours of shade instead of sunlight.

Full Sunlight ⊱ Plants that need six hours of sunlight.

Gnomes ⊱ Lumpy-headed creatures who infests gardens & become pests.

Harvesting ⊱ The process of cutting off certain parts of a plant to use in various potions or to ingest.

Invasive Plants ⊱ Any plant that invades an area in which it does not belong.

Larva ⊱ An insects stage of life between the egg & adult life.

Levitation Charm ⊱ A spell that makes objects levitate.

Light Pruning ⊱ Also known as Deadheading. It is used to snip off discolored leaves, diseased parts, withered flowers, & dead parts of a plant.

Maturation Charm ⊱ A colored firework to indicate level of happiness. If color blind, use Maturio Revelio Lumen, where it uses levels of brightness instead of color.

Mobiliarbus Charm ⊱ To levitate objects. A blue light shoots to the object & can be used either on plants or on wooden objects.

Mooncalf Dung ⊱ The feces of mooncalves which are used for a softer soil.

Moonlight ⊱ Plants that need light from the moon or have moon cycles.

New Moon ⊱ When the moon is not visible, but has an outer ring from the sun.

Partial Shade ⊱ Plants that need three hours of sunlight in the mornings or early noon.

Partal Sunlight ⊱ Plants that need three hours of sunlight in the late afternoons.

pH Detection Charm ⊱ Identifies the pH balance the soil is.

pH Scale ⊱ How acidic, neutral, or alkaline the soil is by a scaled measurement.

Plant Growth Charm ⊱ A bright green light that grows your plant quickly or its flowers will bloom instantly. If the plant becomes dependent on only magic, the plant will simply die or can alter into a new magical plant type.

Pot Bound ⊱ A plant's roots that have grown to fit the size of the pot.

Propulsion Charm ⊱ Pushes plant seeds into the soil while in water.

Pruning ⊱ Taking out parts of a plant that are damaged.

Repelling Charm ⊱ Creates static to make Puffapod beans hover from its jar.

Repotting ⊱ Taking a plant & putting it in a different pot.

Red Spider Mites ⊱ Tiny red spiders that acts as garden pests.

Rhododendron ⊱ A flower native to Spain & Portugal. It is used in anti-arthritic potions.

Rose Growth Charm ⊱ Roses do not interact well with the Plant Growth Charm. A delay between the casting & the growing is a minute to an hour. If the plant becomes dependent on only magic, the plant will simply die or can alter into a new magical plant type.

Severing Charm ⊱ To cut exactly & without error.

Scouring Charm ⊱ Eliminates aphids or similar pests on plants. Use little willpower to not damage plant.

Singing Plant Charm ⊱ Never use this spell on magical plants. It will cause the plant to vibrate. It has varying tones & ranges. Too much willpower can harm the plant & humming songs while casting will aid it. Use the Effect-Cancelling Charm to wear off the spell.

Submerged ⊱ A plant that grows entirely under water.

Taiga ⊱ Swampy evergreen forests.

Toxeputus Depello ⊱ A potion to restore plants from poison pox. Invented in 1851 by Annalise Merryweather.

Venomous ⊱ Insects that bite or plants that bite whom transfers poison to another.

Waning Moon ⊱ When the moon is visible, but appears smaller.

Waxing Moon ⊱ When the moon is visible, but appears bigger.

Weed ⊱ A plant that resides amongst other plants to whom it doesn't belong.

Wild Harvesting ⊱ Harvesting plants that are of use to animals & creatures.

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