The Third Twin

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

Okay, so we all know how crazy the Weasley Twins are. So, in this book, they pull a prank on their professors and friends. They get away with it until their spell can't be undone, and they are stuck like this forever. New chapters daily. (BTW, its Harry, Ron, and Hermione's 5th year, Ginny's 4th, and Fred & George's 7th)

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Chapter 1

It was their last year of Hogwarts, and their stuck-up annoying as hell Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Umbridge, has had it up to here with the Weasley twins. Of course, Fred and George loved causing mischeif. So much, they were willing to risk expolision. They were in the Gryffindor Common room, when they spotted a piece of parchment attached to the bulletin board. George ripped it off, and examined it. They didn't even read much. They just glimpsed through till their eyes fell on large bold letters. Dumbledore was on the run, and now I'm bridge was their headmaster. How could life be so horrible. They went back to the armchairs they were sitting at, and started up again on their Weasley's Wizard Wheezes candies again. They were finally done with Nosebleed Noughat. Fred and George stood up, and found a first year. "I will give you a galleon for you to try this," Fred said. The first year shrugged. "Just don't eat the purple," George said. "Just the orange," fred said. The first year took the nougat out of Georges hand and ate it. Immediately his nose began to bleed. Just then, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny walked by. "You never stop do you?" Hermione asked. Fred.and George glanced at each other. They smiled. "Never," they said together. "well, at least there ain't three of you," Ron said. And with that, they left. "George?" Fred asked, turning to his brother. " are you thinking what I'm thinking?" George asked. They didn't even need to say it. They went and got started right away. 


(A/N) hope you like it so far. Just in case your confused, ill tell you what they were thinking. Because of Umbridge, they are trying to think of something horrible to do as a welcome gift. ( it will be very welcoming) when Ron says at least there isn't three of them. So Fred and George were thinking of making a polyjuice potion to turn someone into them, to prank their friends, family, and of course, Umbridge. This is the book to go to for laughs. New chapter daily.

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