Greek Mythology: A Complete Overview (Book 1)

written by Rose Lui

In this first book of the Greek Mythology: A Complete Overview series, we look into the main Olympian gods and goddesses as well as other important immortal beings. Readers will also learn about what field each being resides over and the many relationships, children and so on they have.

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Chapter 1: The Main Family Tree

Chapter 1

There are many different iterations of the Olympian family tree with gods and goddesses and other beings being related to different beings in each one but the primary one is as follows:

The Greek God Family Tree in a Nutshell : r/coolguides

A significantly different version has Aphrodite labelled as the daughter of Zeus and Dione whilst this one (as stated in the original Aphrodite myth) shows her as the daughter of Ouranous which thus makes her the oldest Olympian.

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