Slytherin in Black {Book 1}

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

Sirius Black's daughter Alexia is at Hogwarts..... Again, and is badder than ever. Can her crush convince her to stay good? Or will she join the Dark Side and become a Death Eater? This is Book 1 of a series. Look for book 2.

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Look Like An Angel

Chapter 1

Alexia Black walked the halls of Hogwarts confidently. She looked peaceful, and harmless. Those who thought that better think again. This girl was dangerous. This girl had a bad reputation on her family line when she was sorted into Slytherin. Who was she to blame? She grew up at Grimmauld Place with her father.

(A/N I know Draco and her are related, but I'm going to pretend their not just for this story)

Alexia always was bad. She enjoy watching people suffer. She had dirty blond that was almost brown, with some blonde natrual highlights. Everyone didn't think she was just a backround character in a movie. Alexia made herself known. She was the leader of the Silver Trio, (Draco, Blaize, and her). She made sure they weren't to hang out with those lowlife of Gryffindors. Slylytherin's biggest rivalis Gryffindor. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are just pawns in their game of chess. It's either win, or lose. And if you lose, you don't go down. You stumbled, then come back twice as hard. When Alexia first came to Hogwarts, she had two choices; eat, or get eaten. Obviously she chose to eat. Her bark is way worse than her bite, though both can be harmful. She was a skilled dueler, and always suceeded her classes, and did not pass to think whether or not to brag. She was very proud and confident, and was the prettiest girl in school. 

As I was saying. Alexia walked through the halls. She did not stop if people were in her way, or did not notice her. She would shove them until they cleared a path or fell over. "Whimps," She would say loudly to the Hufflepuffs that always fall. Draco and Blaise stayed behind her in amazement. They were in their fourth year, and just got back from stupid Potter getting the Dragon Egg. That didn't stop Alexia from being her bad self. She banged the Great Hall doors open like she owned the place, and took a seat at the Slytherin table. Draco and Blaise sat opposite her, staring into her eyes."Stop it. It's very unsetteling looking into the eyes of unprofessionals," Alexia said sternly. "How are we unprofessional?" Blaise asked. "You two don't know how to properly toture first years," Alexia answered. "So?" Draco said. "It's a lifestyle," Alexia said. "Lexi, your really are scary sometimes," Blaise said. Draco elbowed him. "I have to be," Alexia said. "What do you mean?" Draco asked. "I don't want to get mad fun of. I need to be strong. I don't care what people think of me," Alexia said. Draco looked in her green eyes. "Lexi, don't be scared to care. Just be yourself," He said. "Easy for you to say," Alexia said, folding her arms. "It is easy for me to say. I've been making Potter's life miserable for four years," Draco said. Alexia smiled. "Not everything is black or white. There is grey. And I'm still your best friend," Draco said. "Thanks, Draco," Alexia said. She stood up, and left the Great Hall. "She is such an angel," Draco said to Blaise. "Careful," Blaise said to him. "She's a Devil in Disguise," Draco chuckled. "Even if she was, I would still love her," Draco said. "Get over yourself," Blaise said. "She's too good for you," Draco finished eating his food. "Yeah, you're right," He said. After 30 minutes, they headed for the Slytherin Common Room. 


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