Being Parents •|{Hinny}|•

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

Plain and simple, harry and Ginny are parents. This is their life a few years after they married. They live together at Grimmauld Place, with their three kids, James, Albus, and Lily. The photo takes place at James' eleventh birthday.

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Can You Keep A Secret?

Chapter 1

Ginny walked out of the bathroom, wiping her mouth. "Ginny, are you okay?" Harry asked, jumping off the couch and walked over to her. "Yes, I'm fine. Just in shock, thats all," Ginny answered. "Why what happened?" Harry asked. Ginny looked at the ground for awhile, then looked up into Harry's green worried eyes. Ginny thought he looked adorable while worried. "I'm pregnant," Ginny said to him. Harry didn't stop looking worried. "With my baby?" Harry asked, throwing his head forward, his eyes widening. "No, with Ron's. Joking. Yes it's you're baby," Ginny said. Harry picked her up off her feet, and brought her into a tight embrace, and kissed her. "You're not mad?" Ginny asked him,when he set her down. "Are you kidding? Of course not!" Harry said suprised. "I'm so happy," Ginny said to him. "Me too," Harry said. They stood their for a second. "We're going to be parents," They said together. Ginny hugged Harry again. Ginny was smiling, then she scowled. "How are we going to tell Mum?" Ginny asked. "How do we tell Ron and Hermione?" Harry said. "Oh don't worry about Hermione, I already told her," Ginny said to him. "You what?" Harry asked. "What's the problem?" Ginny asked, bitting her lip. "You told Hermione, the aunt, before you told me, the father?" Harry asked. Ginny scrunched her eyebrows. "I was scared," Ginny answered. "Why? I'm your husband!" Harry said. "I thought you might be mad," Ginny said. "Why would I be mad?" Harry asked." You are my beautiful wife, and I support you in everything you do. I'm never going to leave your side," He added. Ginny smiled. She walked around and sat on the couch. Harry came and sat right next to her. "Thanks Harry," Ginny said. "You don't need to thank me," Harry said. There was a silence. Harry lied back. He put his hand on Ginny's stomach. "So, I'm really going to be a dad?" He asked. "Really," Ginny said. Harry kissed her stomach. "How many weeks?" He asked. "eighteen weeks," Ginny answered, snorting. "A little to late find out don't you think?" Harry asked. "Well, I've known since about for three months," Ginny said. Harry sat up fast. "Three months?" He said suprised. "I though tthe test was wrong and that it was nothing," Ginny retalliated. "And you didn't take another one?" Harry asked. "I did but I thought nothing was wrong, until I started getting really sick for no reason, and my stomach was getting bigger, so I told you," She said. "Ginny, I should be the first person you go to for anything. Don't tell me your going to tell Hermione the gender before you tell me," Harry said. "I promise I won't," Ginny answered. "Let's tell everyone at dinner," Harry said. "Okay," She agreed. Harry and Ginny looked into each other's eyes. Harry kissed her.  


(A/N) Sorry if the chapter was short, I'll try to make them longer. Just for your information, they are married.



Hermione's Age: 24

Bill's Age:  32

Charlie's Age: 30

Percy's Age: 27

George's Age: 25

Hermione's Age: 24

Harry and Ron's Age: 23 (turning 24 soon)

Ginny's Age: 22

I'm so excited for the turnout of this book. New chapter daily.

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