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written by Sal Eisley

Pretty much the description lol I know it's weird to put SPN fanfic stuff on here, but it's the only site where I can post my writing and I kind of just want to put it out there :) Owl me with any requests with a description and pairing <3

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All the Words You Never Read (Sam)

Chapter 1

Description: Y/N was taken in by the Winchesters after a hunt where she lost her memory. She remembers fundamentals like her name, but not anything else about herself. She doesn't remember how soulmates work, so the messages from her soul mate just get washed off every morning.

Reader Pronouns: Whichever, it's not really brought up.

Any AUs or Music? Yep. This one is set in a very stereotypical soulmate AU where what you write appears on your soulmate's skin. No music inspo on this one.


Y/N's P.O.V

I sat in my room, reading. Could looking through a photo album be considered reading? I didn't know, but that was what I was doing. Sam and Dean thought it might help spark up my memory if I looked through the book of pictures I had taken, the only possession I'd had when the guys saved me. Some showed me standing next to landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or looking out over the ocean. Others showed people who I could only guess I'd known in various poses and settings. One showed a redhead with deep brown eyes standing in the middle of a rainy town square with her arms spread wide. It looked as if she was literally dancing in the rain. Another showed a blond inspecting one plant amid what had to be at least ten others sitting on a shelf inside the window the picture was taken through. In the next one, he was smiling and looking at the photographer. Unfortunately, nothing was helping my memory. I've been at this for weeks. Nothing was helping. It was as if my memories didn't want to be remembered. As I began to feel my eyes tear up, I saw an inky script crawl across the back of my hand. 

'Good morning' Then, as if the mysterious writer came to a realization, the words became crossed out, and new ones appeared beneath it. 'Is it even morning where you are?' After about twenty minutes, the script went away. Whoever was writing must have been wiping the ink from my skin. 'Sorry that I keep bothering you. I just wish you would tell me why you stopped talking to me. Was it something I said? I apologize if it was, just please don't ignore me.' This time I took it upon myself to wash the ink off, and sure enough, it came off as easily as if I had written the confusing words myself with a pen. I'd had enough of these incessant messages though. They were starting to weird me out. The Winchesters never mentioned words spontaneously appearing on their skin before. I decided to find Sam and ask him about it. After checking the kitchen and gym, I finally found him in the library on his laptop, likely case hunting. 

"Hey, Sam?" He looked up, a little startled at the intrusion, then went back to his laptop.

"What's up, Y/N? Anything coming back to you yet?" I shook my head.

"No. Nothing yet, but I was wondering, is there any reason a witch or something would be able to contact me through pen messages on my skin?" Sam's eyebrows furrowed, and he slowly replied.

"Not unless said 'witch or something' was your soulmate." I didn't respond, but looked at him quizzically, not understanding what he meant. He chuckled a little, then closed his laptop and gestured to the seat beside him. I sat down, and watched him pull a pen out of his pocket. 

"Okay, so. I find it a little weird that you don't remember this, but any time you write on your skin, or put ink on it in general, the ink will appear on your soulmate as well in the same spot. For example…" He pulled my arm toward him gently, and drew a flower on it. "Now your soulmate will see that, and know that you're okay." I smiled. 

"Okay. Thanks for explaining that to me, Sam. I'm going to go back to looking at the photo book." 

"No problem. Maybe try looking for your name in the phone book when you're done with that?" He responded. Smart idea, I hadn't thought of that. I shot him a thumbs up, and went back to my room, took a F/C gel pen out of my desk, and began to doodle more flowers around the first one until there was a veritable garden blooming on my arm up to my elbow. As I began snaking the flowers' vines up onto my hand, I noticed words showing up next to them. 

'Y/N. Stop for a minute.' I did as my soulmate asked, then watched two more words appear. 'It's Sam.' My eyes widened, and I stood up. I started out walking to the library, but it quickly became a run instead. 

"Sam! Sam!" 

"In here!" His voice sounded strained. As if he was-I came into the library where his call has come from, and saw that he was, in fact, crying. Guess it didn't just sound that way. I walked over to his side, taking the chair I had occupied only a few minutes before.

"Sam, what's wrong? Did you-am I not-am I not the one you were hoping for?" Sam shook his head and took in a shaky breath. 

"N-no. Nothing like that Y/N. I just, I've been so worried. I thought I'd lost you when I just thought you were my soulmate, and then when I found myself starting to catch feelings for you, I was doing everything to push them away, because well, you know my track record with relationships. I just-I lost you once before I even met you, Y/N. I don't want to lose you again." I smiled at him, and put a hand on his shoulder. He glanced up at the contact, and I held his gaze as I told him:

"You won't lose me, Rooftop. If we were destined to be together, as most soulmates are, then we already have fate on our side."


A/N-I know this one is pretty crappy. I only put it in here because it was the first imagine I wrote and thought it needed to be put out into the world. The others are much better

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