Slytherin in Black {Book 2}

written by ~Brooke Malfoy ~

This is book two of the series, Slytherin in Black. This book focuses on Draco and Alexis running away together to start their new life in America. But of course, things get twisted, and may never be the same again. They meet new friends, reunite with the old ones, and of course, face off their enemies.

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Chapter 1

Alexia's fall felt like forever. She tried to move in mid air to where Draco landed, but failed miserably. When she finally felt the cold water crach between her toes, she immediantly began swimming towards an island. As she was swimming, she saw a glimpse of Draco on the island shore. Alexia began swimming faster. When she reached the island, herlegs couldn't move no more. "Draco," Alexia gasped. She put her hand over her mouth in astonishment. "What happened to your leg?" Alexia asked. Draco's leg was covered in blood. "When I fell, my leg hook to the cliff. I think it's broken," Draco said. "How did you get to the island?" Alexia asked. Draco pointed to his left. Alexia look to her right and saw a boat. "We can get to America on it," Draco said. "We need to have you bandaged up," Alexia said. "Ferula," Alexia said, her and out. Immediantly, his leg wrapped up in a sling. Alexia helped him stand up and sit in the boat. "Okay. I learned this spell in class, and it should help us get across the Atlantic in two hours," Alexia said. "Okay," Draco said. The sound of his voice gave away he was in pain. Alexia hopped in the boat. "Citius Momentum," Alexia said. The boat took of at high speed. Alexia and Draco were blasted back on the far end of the boat. Alexia grabbed the side of the boat to keep her steady, so did Draco. They sat there for two hours.

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