The Care Of Magical Creatures Companion Guide

written by Professor Anne

Learn more about the creatures of our magical world with this Care of Magical Creatures companion text. Creatures not covered during your years of instruction will be discussed in this text for your reading pleasure. This text was written by Professor Elizabeth Anne and former professor Aurelia Cattercorn. All images were found using Google Images and belong to their owners.

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Chapter 3


Creature Name: Chizpurfle

Ministry of Magic Classification: XX

Ministry of Magic Category: Beast

The Chizpurfle is a type of magical parasite that lives in the fur and feathers of magical creatures. They have three sets of legs, and one set of crab-like pinchers. Chizpurfles also have fangs and are a twentieth of an inch long. Not only are Chizpurfles considered parasites, they are also considered pests. They eat away at wands and cauldrons, along with other magical objects. Their name derives from the English word “cheat”, being added to the word “purfle”. A purfle is the fur trim of a garment.

Chizpurfles are considered to have two diets. They are both thaumavores and electrovores. A thaumavore, derived from the Latin word “vorare” meaning “to devour” and the ancient Greek word “thaûma” meaning “magic”, feed off of magical energy. This is why Chizpurfles are often found eating the remnants of potions or the cores of wands. After they eat away the magical core, the wand will be useless. When they cannot feed on magical energy, they turn to their secondary diet of feeding on electricity. This is why they are considered primarily thaumavores, but also electrovores. If you have ever bought a new phone only to find a week later it doesn’t work, you could be the victim of a Chizpurfle infestation.

If you find you have a Chizpurfle infestation, you can use several different potions available in wizarding stores. If you find that a potion is not working, you will need to call the Pest Sub-Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, which has stronger potions and sprays to handle the infestation. One thing you must keep in mind is that once you find a potion you like, stick with it. If you are constantly changing what potion you are using, the Chizpurfles will become resistant to different parts of each potion, making the entire potions useless. Once that potion stops working, you can then move on to a different potion. Because new potions are always being developed, you should never run out potions to use.

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