The Care Of Magical Creatures Companion Guide

written by Professor Anne

Learn more about the creatures of our magical world with this Care of Magical Creatures companion text. Creatures not covered during your years of instruction will be discussed in this text for your reading pleasure. This text was written by Professor Elizabeth Anne and former professor Aurelia Cattercorn. All images were found using Google Images and belong to their owners.

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Chapter 8


Creature Name: Puffskein

Ministry of Magic Classification: XX

Ministry of Magic Category: Beast

Puffskeins are very small, round, and fluffy creatures. They are covered in very soft fur, which is a custard yellow. Puffskeins are popular pets, particularly among younger children and teens. Not only are they cute, as most would want from a pet, but they also are much easier to take care of than most traditional pets. This is for quite a few reasons. The first is that the beasts find their own food.

Being scavengers they will eat anything they can find. They’ll eat the pests in one’s home (such as spiders), food from the garbage, and they’ll even eat ordinary cat food. In fact, Puffskeins have very long and thin tongues that they will use to clean their owners’ noses of bogeys as they sleep at night. Unappealing as it may sound, this is a Puffskein’s favorite snack. In fact, if one happens to blow their nose, the Puffskein will come running upon hearing it.

Puffskeins also do not mind if their owners are particularly rough with them.* This is another reason why they make ideal pets for children. They can be thrown, rolled, cuddled, and played with. They don’t need cages and never leave their owners, making them loyal pets. They prefer to sleep by their owner’s neck, which tends to keep them warm. When a Puffskein is happy, it will hum, much like a cat would purr. It is not uncommon to own more than one Puffskein. A group of them would be called a Poffle.

Puffskeins are not known just for being great pets. They also can be very beneficial to the potion industry. Their fur, which contains magical properties, is rather valuable. It is a fairly important ingredient in the Laughing Potion.

The Puffskein has two very notable hybrid species related to it, the first being the Fanged Puffskein. This creature was created by wizards as a prank. It looks exactly like an ordinary Puffskein, aside from very sharp fangs. However, it does not act like your average Puffskein. It is just the opposite; very vicious and not friendly to people. This hybrid species is actually illegal as it violates the Ban on Experimental Breeding.

The second hybrid species is the Pygmy Puffs. These creatures actually do not violate the Ban on Experimental Breeding, which some may find surprising. The species was bred by Fred and George Weasley who may have had a special license to breed the species after filing an extensive petition, although this is unclear. Pygmy Puffs are much smaller than Puffskeins; they are essentially miniatures. This is likely a part of the loophole in the Ban of Experimental Breeding that allowed them to be created. Pygmy Puffs also come in many different shades of purple and pink as opposed to the default yellow color given to Puffskeins. Students at Hogwarts are made aware that Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes products are not allowed at school, however, an exception is made for Pygmy Puffs since they are pets as opposed to joke and prank products.

*This is to an extent, however. Never intentionally cause any harm to a creature.

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