Dorm Directory: Student Lounge Edition

written by Sid Harris

****3/29/2016: Under Construction! Please contact the Editor with your Dorm Information!****
This is a comprehensive directory of all the active dorms currently here at Hogwarts. Dorms are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your dorm anywhere in the directory, or noticed that something is wrong? Want your dorm removed from the directory for whatever reason? Please owl the editor! This directory will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all dorms are listed properly and students are able to find the dorm that best suits their interests. Please spread the word and share this directory with your fellow students!
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Chapter 1

There are currently 1/199 dorms uploaded to the directory, as of February 5th, 2016.

Editor's Note: With the dorm chats down and the recent creation of the HiH Student Lounge, I became aware of the fact that the old Dorm Directory was tragically out-of-date. My intent for this new book is that it will list all of the currently active dorms at HiH, allowing students to find the ones that are right for them. The dorms found within are primarily located on the Student Lounge or otherwise maintain activity off-site through mediums such as Chatzy or FaceBook. By joining dorms and staying active, we can continue to make new friends and keep HiH the fun, social learning experience that we've all come to know and love.

Searching for a dorm can be very frustrating. While there aren't as many dorms as there are clubs at HiH (see the new Club Catalogue for what's active!), it's still tough to find that perfect dorm to welcome you into their community. From the other side, it's hard to get the word out that you've made a dorm and are looking for members. Threads that keep getting bumped into the yester-pages of the traditional forums are troublesome to dig through, the House Feeds often move too quickly for advertisements to last more than a few days, and the new Student Lounge is still in its fledgling stages with low traffic. So, in the same vein as the Catalogue, I've made this directory to assist you in your search. I have scoured through the entirety of the Introduction, Welcome, Inter-House, and individual House forums, both here on the main site and on the Student Lounge, and have reached out through the various feeds, to locate all the active dorms at Hogwarts is Here. However, this directory can only be truly completed and maintained with your help, reader! Thank you to everyone who has assisted me with the search for dorms or responded to my owls so far. This project would not have been possible without your support! Now then, whether this is your first time opening a Dorm Directory, or you've had it on your bookshelf for years, please take a moment to look over the book's set up (or skip ahead to a chapter that strikes your fancy).

The Break Down:

This directory's format is also based on the Extra-Curricular Catalogue I had received during orientation day my freshman year of Muggle university. Each chapter lists dorms of a certain type or that have a similar focus. That way, if people want to join a dorm that focuses on helping each other study for HiH courses or hang out with other fans of a specific show, all the options are easy to find. Dorms are uploaded with their official name, the dorm number, current leader and number of members at the time of verification, a brief description, and other pertinent information, such as the off-site resources the dorm uses to maintain communication with members while the dorm chats are down. At the top of each chapter is the Update Status, which will be bolded and lets you know when the last time I added dorms or changed leader/description information was, and how many dorms are in the chapter as of that time. Right below that, you'll find a description of the chapter category or type. 

All dorms end up in the General Dorms chapter for their House unless they fit somewhere else. New chapters will be added when there are 5 or more dorms of that type to be listed.

All dorm numbers have been verified by the editor, and there will be a link to the dorm leader who can answer any additional questions you may have about their dorm before you join.

An Important Note to Remember: 

The description for each dorm is assembled based on information posted to the dorm page, any promotional posts found in the forums, and conversations with the dorm leader, when applicable. Unlike with the Club Catalogue, dorm leaders may submit a new description or make alterations at any time by owling the editor.

If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections to this directory, please do not hesitate to owl me. If you do not wish for your dorm to be placed in the directory for any reason, please let me know. It will be removed and the number saved so that I do not accidentally re-post you.

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