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written by Sid Harris

****1/11/2017: New groups added! We are having some minor technical difficulties with Chapter 14; apologies for the inconvenience!****
This is a comprehensive glossary of all the clubs and groups currently active at Hogwarts is Here and the Student Lounge zetaboards. Clubs and Groups are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your club or group anywhere in the glossary, or noticed that some of the information is wrong? Want your club or group removed from a chapter for whatever reason? Please contact the Editor! This glossary will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all clubs and groups are properly catalogued and defined so that students are able to find the ones best suited to their interests. Please spread the word and share this with your fellow students!

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There are currently 68/227 groups uploaded to the glossary, as of January 11th, 2017.

Editor's Note: With the creation of the HiH Student Lounge and the return of the main site with new features, I became aware of the fact that the old Club Catalogue was tragically out-of-date. My intent for this new book is that it will list all of the currently open clubs and groups at HiH, allowing students to find the ones that are right for them. For the sake of clarity, we'll be referring to both as "Groups," since that's the new term in use on the main site. Only groups that are listed as Public and are open to new members joining are listed within this glossary. Some of these groups keep active off-site, through places like the Student Lounge, Chatzy, FaceBook, or even Discord; all off-site links have been checked and verified by the Editor. By joining groups and staying active, we can continue to make friends and keep HiH the fun, social learning experience that we've all come to know and love. Whether this is your first time opening the Group Glossary, or you've had the Club Catalogue on your bookshelf for years, please take a moment to look over the book's set up (or skip ahead to a chapter that strikes your fancy).

The Break Down:

I based the format of this glossary on the Extra-Curricular Catalogue I had received during orientation day my freshman year of No-Maj university. Each chapter lists groups of a certain type or that have a similar focus. That way, if people want to join a group based around a spoken or favorite language, or find tutoring help for Transfiguration, all the options are easy to find. At the top of each chapter is the "Update Status," which will be italicized and lets you know when the last time I added groups was, and how many groups are in the chapter as of that time. Right below that, you'll find a description of the chapter category or type.

Groups that don't fit anywhere else end up in the "Miscellaneous Groups" chapter at the end of the glossary. Chapters are otherwise listed alphabetically, and new chapters will be added when there are enough of that type to be listed on their own.

All groups have been verified by the Editor, and there will be a link to the group leader/founder, who can answer any additional questions you may have about their group before you join. Frequently asked questions are usually answered on the group's page, whether that is listed under their “Rules,” as a thread on the Student Lounge, or on another site, so please check any links first before sending a PM or Owl.

An Important Note to Remember:

The description for each group is assembled based on information posted to the group page and any promotional posts found in the Feeds and Forums. Groups may not submit descriptions to be added to the glossary; there is a format to these descriptions and I have tried to keep them brief (some of the groups do not make that easy), but they may amend the descriptions at any time by Owling the Editor or posting a comment to the Editor's profile.

The exception to this rule is reserved for Language Groups only. I am fluent only in English, and it would be a disservice to the students in those groups if I were to just shove their group page descriptions through Google Translate when I carefully look over thread posts and group descriptions for all the English-language speaking groups to create accurate and informative descriptions.

If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections to this glossary, please do not hesitate to Owl me or leave a comment on my profile. If you do not wish for your group to be listed in the glossary, it will be removed and your request saved so that I do not accidentally re-post you.
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