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written by Sid Harris

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This is a comprehensive glossary of all the clubs and groups currently active at Hogwarts is Here and the Student Lounge zetaboards. Clubs and Groups are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your club or group anywhere in the glossary, or noticed that some of the information is wrong? Want your club or group removed from a chapter for whatever reason? Please contact the Editor! This glossary will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all clubs and groups are properly catalogued and defined so that students are able to find the ones best suited to their interests. Please spread the word and share this with your fellow students!

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What Is A Group?

Chapter 2
Clubs have undergone quite a bit of change since they were first implemented at Hogwarts is Here back in June 2014. Traditional Clubs, or clubs that existed on the main site prior to 2016, were organized by five-digit Club Numbers. However, when live chatting was disabled, many club leaders found it difficult to keep their clubs alive here at the main site and as a result, most clubs moved off-site in the following months to places like FaceBook or Chatzy. Hogwarts Staff then created a place within the new HiH Student Lounge specifically for Clubs. This was great news for students, both new and old, who wanted to join in on some extracurricular fun. Student Lounge Clubs remained active in the form of opening threads and posting replies through the forums, and were either listed as Official or Unofficial, as well as also being classified under the labels of Restricted or Unrestricted. Several months later, the Site Admins re-opened the Hogwarts main site and brought back the live chatting features, and Clubs were rebranded under the title “Groups,” which brings us to today.

That being said, here's the nitty gritty on what a Group is now:

Hogwarts Groups are, and have always been, a place where students of all Houses can get together to share their ideas and enthusiasm with others about a topic or theme that they find interesting. Groups can be created by anyone to discuss just about any subject you find interesting, so long as they are not sexually explicit, promote hate speech, or contain or promote extreme violence. You can join as many or as few groups as you like, and leave at any time. They are generally run by your fellow students, though some Professors do maintain their own groups relative to their courses or interests.

What's the Difference Between Official and Unofficial Groups?

These titles were specific to the HiH Student Lounge forum boards. Official Clubs had their own specific internal forum within the Student Lounge where they could post multiple threads, while Unofficial Clubs had to keep their activities contained within a single thread. Any Unofficial Club could become an Official Club so long as it had at least 10 subscribing members and the Club Founder had filled out the Official Club Request Form. On the main site, the term “Official” and “Unofficial” refers to whether or not the group in question is founded or supported by a Hogwarts Staff member. In both practice and principle, there is no other difference between Official and Unofficial Groups on the main site.

What's the Difference Between Restricted and Unrestricted Groups?

These classifications were specific to the HiH Student Lounge forums. Restricted Clubs related to sensitive topics, such as horror movies, 16+ books/movies/series, or contained moderate violence. These clubs were then placed in the Restricted Clubs section of the forum boards, which was protected by magic a lá the Goblet of Fire. In order to gain access to the Restricted Clubs section, students had to prove that they were older than 16 years of age. There are currently no Restricted Clubs on the Student Lounge and there are no Restricted Group options available on the main site.

What's the Difference Between Public Groups and Private Groups?

This refers to whether or not the group in question is listed in the Official Group Directory on the main site and currently open to accept new members. You can find the Group Directory by clicking the “Groups & Roleplay” link in the Navigation Bar at the top of any page and then selecting “Groups Only” from the “More Groups” drop-down menu there (selecting "Roleplay Only" will show you all of the groups that focus solely on role-playing). For both Public and Private Groups, you'll reach a page that tells you you have to be a member of the group to see its contents, and then a link instructing you to "click here" to join. Public Groups are open and do not require approval by an admin (usually the group's founder/leader), but Private Groups have an extra step where you have to request approval to join and then wait to be accepted. These are part of the group's settings that can be changed by the group's leader at any time by going to the "Group Management" feature under "Admin." Additionally, some Private Groups will not appear in the Official Group Directory, as they have chosen to be unlisted, so you'll need to get a link to their page (the URL will appear as "" where the "#" is replaced by that group's unique Group Number) from the leader or another group member in order to join. This glossary does not list Private Groups unless specifically requested to by that group's leader, and then only after the group has been verified.
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