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written by Sid Harris

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This is a comprehensive glossary of all the clubs and groups currently active at Hogwarts is Here and the Student Lounge zetaboards. Clubs and Groups are organized into chapters based on what category they fall into. Don't see your club or group anywhere in the glossary, or noticed that some of the information is wrong? Want your club or group removed from a chapter for whatever reason? Please contact the Editor! This glossary will be updated monthly, at a minimum, to ensure that all clubs and groups are properly catalogued and defined so that students are able to find the ones best suited to their interests. Please spread the word and share this with your fellow students!

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Fine Arts Groups

Chapter 5
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All groups with a stated purpose of promoting or celebrating the vast field of fine arts can be found here. You will also find groups for practitioners of the culinary arts, dancers of any skill level, film enthusiasts, podcast creators, and the promotion of other media, both Muggle and magical, here. For groups that are organized around a specific film or musical group, please see the chapter on Fandom Groups. For groups with a more general musical focus, see the chapter on Music Groups. If you feel that your group has been placed in this chapter by accident, please Owl the Editor with the correction and it will be relocated within 24 hours. Groups are listed alphabetically by name.

Author’s Group (249, Public, Open) – A group for aspiring authors. Students can pick up writing tips for both fiction and academic essays here. On Fridays, they post advice on how to overcome common writing problems and answer questions. Rosie Parker is the group leader.

Hogwarts baking club (774, Public, Open) – A group for students who love baking to share their magical and non-magical recipes. Students who can't bake but love tasty treats are also welcome to stop. Elida Sparks is the group leader.

Hogwarts Dancing Group (1358, Public, Open) – A group for students from all Houses interested in dance. This group is connected to the Hogwarts Singing Choir 2 group (1298). Both groups are led by Arianna Granger.

Hogwarts Drama Club (836, Public, Open) – A group for students who enjoy singing, acting, or dancing. Angelica is the group leader.

Hogwarts Writing Group (1246, Public, Open) – A group for students from all Houses who are living the "writing life." Arianna Granger is the group leader.

Just Write It! (1200, Public, Open) – A group to help students of all Houses find the motivation to complete their unfinished writings, both original and fanfiction. Their primary focus is less on planning, plotting, or editing, and more on the actual writing itself. Echola Cation (Echo) is the group leader.

The Kitchen Club (295, Public, Open) – An Official club for lovers of the culinary arts, regardless of skill level, who share virtual and real-life cooking experiences. This club's activities include weekly recipe challenges and kitchens/food-related roleplay. They have an official club magazine called The Secret Ingredient and can also be found on the Student Lounge. Professor Dalloway, Professor of Ghoul Studies, is the group leader.

The Writers Den (Intergroup) (318, Public, Open) – A group for student writers from all Houses looking for a safe place to share writing tips, find collaborators, receive criticism, or simply escape the chaos and just write. They ask that members use appropriate trigger warnings as necessary when posting fiction or poetry to the Group Feed. Editor’s Note: This group is currently listed without a leader.
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