Ministry Money System

written by Audrey West

This book will help you learn how to use Wizarding World money wether it's for an asignment or just entertainment! :)

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Galeons, Knuts, and Sickles!

Chapter 1

First of all, Wizarding World money is very different from your usual form of curency. It only uses coins! No bills!! The regular enlgihs money system uses pounds, shillings, and pence. While the magic money system uses Galeons, Knuts, and Sickles. What are those you may say? Glad you asked! Lets start with Galeons. Galeons are the greatest amount of curency, equally 5 pounds in english money and $6.32 in american money. Galeons are made of gold and can be used for larger purchases, they are also the largest coin out of the three. Knuts and Sickles get a bit more complicated but the basic rundown is that 29 Knuts are in 1 Sickle and 17 Sickles make up a galeon. Sounds pretty confusing but thats the explination every witch or wizard while give you! Think of it like pennies, nickels, and quarters. (we are leaving out dimes because magic curency only has 3 tehe) 5 pennies equals 1 nickel right? Ok well 29 Knuts are in 1 Sickle! So just imagine there were 29 pennies in a nickel instead of 5. And 5 nickels make a quarter, and 17 sickles make up a Galeon. So think of sickles as nickels and galeons as quarters and knuts are pennies :D except they use completely different numbers lol! Also, Knuts are bronze and Sickles are silver, as shown in the picture bellow

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