The Diary of a Ravenclaw (1991-1998)

This is a fanfiction, one of the MOST basic fanfictions you will ever come across in your lifetime. If you like it, awesome. Tell me please. If you hate it, say nothing. This fanfiction has been with me since I was very small and if you insult my baby I will never forgive you.

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September Year 1

Chapter 1

Sunday, September 1, 1991 

Today was the first day at Hogwarts. I went to the platform with Cousin Andi. Uncle Moony was at a job interview so I wasn't sure if he'd make it. But he showed up right before the train left so I got to see him briefly. I sat with a very quiet girl who told me her name was Cho. She stared out the window and I just read my books one more time to brush up. At one point a curly haired girl came asking about a toad but we hadn't seen one. We arrived and we had to go across the cold lake with a man named Hagrid. He was very tall but I think he looks kind. A poltergeist dumped more cold water on us as soon as we got in, so of course I'm sure I looked like a dead rat when I was sorted. As soon as Professor McGonagall said my name the whole hall went quiet. Of course. The hat almost put me in Hufflepuff, which may have been nice. But instead it picked Ravenclaw, which I guess makes sense. They're a pretentious lot. Better than Gryffindor, I suppose. Some of them looked like they wanted to kill me. It was kind of scary. A few people clapped for me, at least. Cho was also put in Ravenclaw, and she smiled at me when she sat down, so that was nice. Maybe we'll be friends. 

Monday, September 2, 1991

Today was the first day of classes. After breakfast (Which I barely ate) We had Transfiguration. It sounds hard but I'm sure I'll do well. I tend to be better at harder things because I try harder. Then we had flying, which I was terrified for. But it ended up being better than I thought. Apparently we did better than the Gryffindors and Slytherins. I guess someone broke their arm and Harry Potter got on the Quidditch team? I don't understand how those two things are related but whatever. Then we had Charms and History of Magic. Charms will be very useful, I'm sure. But History of magic was dreadful. I love the reading, but the lectures might put me to sleep. Which would be horrible because then I'd miss all the notes and I don't think anyone would share with me. Anyway, I was reading after lunch and this Malfoy boy from Slytherin was harrasing me. Which I don't understand. If people think my father is an angry murderer, why tease me? That seems dangerous. Anyway, he tried to take my book, which was about to earn him instant death, when this Gryffindor girl threw a green apple at his head. I have no idea why she chose to defend me. She said her name is Tara Hawthorne and we'll be friends but I guess we'll see. 

Tuesday September 3, 1991

Today started with herbology. I like plants and I can't wait to get to more advanced plants. I know it will be awhile, unfortunately. But I plan to make friends with Professor Sprout and ask lots of questions. Maybe she'll even let me check out more advanced books from the restricted section. Then, finally, we had Potions. So far I like the subject matter, although we haven't done any potions yet. Someday I mean to lead research in healing potions to make them safer and more effective. Particularly Wolfsbane. Professor Snape is an interesting man. I'm not sure if I'll like him. It will be very hard not to call him Snivellus, I'm afraid. I'll have to ask Uncle Moony to stop calling him that when I'm home over the holidays, or I might get in trouble. Also, I'm pretty sure Snivellus  Snape, see? There I went. I think he's a Legillimens. I'm sure Uncle Moony would've warned me if he knew, but I swear I felt someone in my head. And of course I haven't figured out any of Occlumency yet. But I will now try doubly hard. There are things Snape does not need to know. After lunch we had DADA. It was a bit of a let down. Quirrell is a very... nervous man. 

Thursday September 5, 1991

I didn't write at all yesterday because I was so busy and tired. But tonight we had our first Astronomy class at midnight. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Astrology, distant stars, muggle science... it doesn't seem to relevant to me. It's like divination. Seeing my Future in a cup or ball or constellation is not going allow me to change anything about it, really. Whatever happens, happens. I think humans just need to accept that these things are out of their control. But anyway, I guess we'll see. Part of Astronomy is the moon and Lycanthropy, so that's important. And I did like being outside and seeing the full starry sky. 

Wednesday, September 11, 1991

I hate how long I keep forgetting! I used to write every night, but now I don't ever have time. There's so much work and I feel like I'm working or sleeping. There's so much writing and my wrists get tired. I want a Quick Quotes Quill, but they always get things wrong. And anyway, I think it's cheating. The reason I'm writing this is because I was called to Dumbledore's office. It was terrifying, but it turns out he found out I am a  Legillimens. He said he'd teach me Occlumency, which is good. None of the books I've found make much sense. I need to write one someday. One that actually helps people. 

Monday, September 23, 1991

Merlin's beard I've forgotten again. The reason I've remembered is because tonight is the full moon. I hope Uncle Moony has enough Wolfsbane this month. I hope he brewed it right. I usually help him lay out the Aconite so he doesn't poison himself. But maybe he'll be okay. I would've checked on him but he asked me not to use my Soulbinding while at school. I know he meant to talk to dad... and I definitely have still been doing that. I have to check on him every now and then. I'll just pretend to go to bed early, fake sleeping for about an hour to talk to him then roll over and go to sleep after. No one knows. Not that they care. Plus I'm on a top bunk so no one is looking at me. I've confirmed that Snape is a Legillimens and Occlumens, but I've managed to avoid thinking about Dad or Uncle Moony around him at all. Anyway, I'll check up on Uncle Moony tomorrow. I just hope he's okay. I don't know if I'll be able to focus in class till I know.

Saturday, September 28, 1991

Update: Moony was fine. Everything went well. He'll be just fine without me, it seems. He wrote me immediately and I got the letter the next evening. Gotta go, papers. 

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