MARNİE: Who are u?

written by Meyra S.

Anna looked calmly at the house across the lake, at the girl with blonde curls looking at her. She took off her shoes and walked to the girl with the blonde curls.

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Asthma Attack

Chapter 1

Anna Sasaki was a 12-year-old girl with curly black hair and shy eyes, living quietly in Sapporo. That day, as the cold winds of Sapporo blew gently across her schoolyard, Anna felt He was holding his sketchbook, perhaps his only real friend at school. She was having an asthma attack, it was almost impossible to breathe.

Anna's teacher, Nesaki, realized that the young girl was having an attack and rushed to her side. "Anna, calm down, breathe deeply, that's it, good girl. You're better now," she said softly.

Anna's face was pale and full of fear. Asthma attacks were common for her, but she felt the same fear every time. Her friends sat at their desks, watching her condition. Anna felt even more insecure under their gaze.

Nesaki took Anna's medicine out of her bag and gave it to her. With the medicine, Anna's breathing slowly returned to normal. Moments like these were hurting Anna's self-confidence even more. What could the other children be thinking? This thought began to circulate inside her.

When Anna's asthma attack was over, Nesaki smiled at her. "It's all right, Anna. We can go back to school now."

Anna smiled gratefully, but there was a heavy heaviness inside her now.

Nesaki called Anna's mother, Yoriko, after class and explained the situation. Yoriko knew that something was not right for Anna and said that she had to take Anna to the doctor after school. She sighed deeply and waited for the school day to end. But she didn't yet realize that this decision would change Anna's life right in the middle...

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