The New Book

A new year at Hogwarts! As I go through my books, one stands out above the rest...

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Chapter One

Chapter 1

The perfection my brain craved had determined the organizational state of the school supplies laid about my common room. My books were stacked neatly on my nightstand, potion ingredients packed away in my sack, and my broom leaned perfectly against the wall near the head of my bed.

Another school term, another chance to start fresh with new spells, knowledge and lessons! The unmarred upcoming school year at Hogwarts was something I looked forward to every September. My last year at Hogwarts had been uneventful, yet exciting and wildly educational.

This year would be different. This year I will make a name for myself at Hogwarts, and I will use my wit, intelligence and heart to get me there. If I could only find my cat, Echo, whom I needed to accompany me to my first Transfiguration class.

Within a second of calling for him, the short haired blue eyed white cat emerged from under my bed with a large yawn, as I happily sigh to his presence.

"There you are, my sweet boy. Let's get to class! We need to meet up with Mina." I say to him as I tap the pocket of my robe to make sure my wand was there.

Mina was my best friend here at Hogwarts, she was on the same boat with me as we arrived at the castle as first years. Oh how those days seemed so far away now.

I grabbed the stack of books on my nightstand, double check for my wand in my robe, and set off for Transfiguration with Echo at my side.

Having walked the castle the previous year, I had become familiar with the fastest routes and the ones not so easily taken. Finding the Transfiguration classroom was no feat, and finding Mina was even easier as her bright red curly hair had caught my eye as I emerged into the room.

"Over here!" Mina waved at Echo and I, as she motioned with her hand to an empty seat next to her and her own familiar, a grey horned owl named Muffin.

"Do you think we're going to practice spells our first day?" I ask Mina as I sit down and situate my belongings as Echo takes a seat atop my desk.

"I'm sure we'll be allowed to try at least one!" Mina says hopefully as she stroked Muffin's feathers and the bird closed her eyes in comfort.

I finish organizing my books, taking out the ones needed for Transfiguration, then moving the rest back into my book bag. Before I do however, Mina unexpectedly stops me.

"Wait, what class is that for?" Mina asks as she gently removes a purple leather-bound book that seemed to blend in with the others, yet at the same time, the vibrant colour stood out amongst the rest.

"Oh I'm not sure, it was on my list. I think it's about fairies or something" I say to her.

"This one wasn't on my list, and we're all in the same classes." Mina says to me puzzled, as she inspects the book further. She opens it, but she finds no words, only blank pages. However when I look at the book, the pages are full and some even include pictures.

After consideration, I do remember picking up this book at Flourish and Blotts as my list required me to do so. The book was only simply titled "Fae" and listed no author. I hadn't thought anything of it at the time as the sights of Diagon Alley drowned out any second thoughts about it.

I say nothing else to Mina as I gently ask for the book back, and inspect it myself. "I don't have my letter with the list anymore, I left it at home. I didn't think I needed it once I got to Hogwarts" I admit to her.

"There's a reason that book appeared on your list and not mine, or anyone else's as I have seen so far. Can you read what it says?" Mina asks.

"Yes its a book explaining the world of the Fae, and how to follow their way of life." I say matter-of-factly, as if everyone could see these pages.

"It appears blank to me, yet not to you. It wasn't on anyone's list but yours. You have a mystery on your hands, missy and it is my job to figure it out with you!" Mina says with a large grin.

I can't help but grin back just as wide to her, as I am thankful for her indestructible ability to help her loved ones, and I am forever grateful for her undying friendship. I'm hopeful along with the help of our familiars Echo and Muffin, we can solve this Fae mystery.

Is there something my family failed to mention to me? Could I be part of the world of the Fae? Am I a full witch? Or only part? My Hogwarts education may have to take a back seat as I embark on this journey to find out who or what I truly am.

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