Bunny Bafflement

A mysterious bunny appears on my doorstep. Who is this adorable creature?

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Chapter One

Chapter 1

I heard a soft knock on my door. Rolling my eyes, I turn towards it, yet stop in my tracks.

"What if it's just Gary again?" I say to myself as I stand firmly in place.

The soft knock occurs once more, and my heart pittered as I begin to walk towards it. It was a rarity, that I ever even answered my front door. However this time, I had felt an odd inkling that I needed to answer.

Breathing deep as I reach out for the knob, I turn it and pull the door open. Nothing. Not a human in sight.

"Thank goodness."

As I turn to close the door, my gaze then falls upon a tiny basket placed right on my doorstep.

"Wait, what's this?" I say as I lower myself closer to inspect it. The basket was similar to something you would use to bring food along on a picnic, or perhaps fill it with freshly sprouted vegetables from the garden. It was a simple woven design, and inside it sat a pale pink blanket, which at this time began to show movement.

My eyes widen as I reach to pull the blanket off of whatever creature may be in there.

My shoulders drop in a sigh of relief as I notice it is only a small baby bunny nuzzled up within the folds of the blanket.

I bring the basket and the bunny inside, and set it down on an armchair next to my bed. Upon closer inspection of the animal, I see that her white fur has strands of what seems to be a shimmery silver.

"What kind of bunny are you? And where is your family?" I say to her sweetly, as I stroke her soft head.

The next morning started as any other, only there was the added care of a baby bunny to the usual routine. It was no matter, however as there was not a single creature I could possibly turn away.

It was only as I was going about my daily chores that I noticed something that made me question my own mental state. The wilted, slumped over daffodils I had been neglecting to dispose of, were suddenly in full bloom.

"How odd." I thought, but not having much of a second one, as the wizarding world always had a way of baffling one, from time to time.

It was only then that I had noticed that the flowers were kept close to were the baby bunny slept. I immediately began to speculate.

"I wonder..."

An experiment had brewed in my mind. If this little bunny had the ability to replenish a wilted flower, what about an apple? So the following night, I left an apple adorned with minor bruises next to the bunny's basket.

Sure enough, the following morning I awoke to an apple that seemed to have been picked the day before. It was smooth, shiny and somehow had a slight glow about it.

It was then, that I had realized that this bunny needed protection, this was a creature with the ability to resurrect the life of plants. What if it also had the ability to bring back the lives of animals, or humans as well? If this type of magic were to fall into the wrong wizard's hands, there is no for-telling the damage.

Having those thoughts in mind only solidified my mission into not only protecting, but finding out as much as I can about this precious bunny. Why did she end up on my doorstep? Who decided it was me who was capable of handling this creature and her tremendous abilities?

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