01 - Defence Against the Dark Arts Notes - by Sebastian Sallow

written by Sebastian Sallow

The notes from the Defence Against the Dark Arts class (Year 1) by Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow. Please remember these are just notes and not to be substituted for actual lessons.

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Lesson 01/01 Notes: Introduction

Chapter 1


The Dark Arts is a blanket term that covers anything that has the intent to harm, injure, or even kill another person. The Dark Arts include many branches of magic, particularly potions and charms. The call of the Dark Arts has always held a certain appeal for some people - those who desire and activley seek power will frequently dabble in the Dark Arts. The Dark Arts corrupts your soul and your body. The Ministry created five categories of Dark Magic; 

1. Dark Spells (ex. unforgivable curses)

2. Dark Potions (ex. death potion) 

3. Dark Creatures (ex. acromantula)

4. Dark Artefacts (ex. horocruxes)

5. Dark Practices


Jinxes; minor irritation than a serious problem (ex. tripping jinx, stinging jinx and knock back jinx).

Hexes; lasting to moderate damage, can be broken with a hex breaker (ex. bat-bogey hex, densaugea).

Curses; darkest spells, intent to harm or kill (ex. reductor curse, full-body bind curse, conjunctivitis, unforgivable curses).

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