The Ministry of Magic

written by Hiya Debnath

Know about the Ministry of Magic and how to get to work in it

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The Ministry of Magic

Chapter 1

The Ministry of Magic, also known as M.o.M. in short, or sometimes just even referred to as the Ministry, is the main governing body of the magical community of Great Britain (i.e. England, Scotland and Wales) and Ireland, which upholds and preserves magical law in the magical community in Great Britain and Ireland. The Ministry connects the British government to the wizarding world in Great Britain and Ireland. During the height of the Dark Lord's or Voldemort's or You-Know-Who's power, the Minister for Magic worked with the Muggle Prime Minister to ensure protection for the Muggle world. 

The Ministry of Magic was involved, in some capacity before its actual formation, in the International Confederation of Wizards' decision to enact the Statute of Secrecy in 1692, which took the responsibility of enforcing said Statute in the United Kingdom. The laws against magic-use by underage wizards and against wand use by non-wizard folk were also enforced by the Ministry, in part to maintain secrecy.

The Ministry of Magic is affiliated to the International Confederation of Wizards and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It has many departments under it.

It is headed by the Minister for Magic. By 2019, the Minister for Magic was Hermione Granger. She is still the Minister for Magic. 

Other countries have their own Ministries of Magic.

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