Those Sweet Autumn Eyes

written by Flora Goldwell

The last thing a killer sees from their latest victim. The Eyes of the victim Haunts the killer, sending them spiraling into a rabbit hole of all those who became victim to their unsuspecting end.

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Picture Perfect

Chapter 1

         There was a time growing up that Mom and Dad had us all take family pictures. It was then that around 9 years old I came out of that kid-like trance and realized we aren't that picture perfect family that everyone else thinks we are. On one occasion it was Tyler's 12th birthday. Mom had us all clean the house before guests arrived and something got spilt on the carpet, Mom freaked and Dad came in and scolded us. Later after the party Dad collected all, I mean ALL the gifts Tyler recieved and packed them in the car and took them to get "donated" because us kids already had a whole bunch of toys. Ya right us kids barely had 5 toys each. Once Dad got back he kicked us to the basement and locked the door. I sat on the top step near the door and listened, Tyler stayed down to keep the other 3 littles occupied. Dad yelled at Mom for being so "Messy" meanwhile Mom wasn't in the room when Suzie spilt the juice on the carpet. After some time passed I was getting ready to finish heading down the stairs when Mom screamed, Tyler came rushing up the steps to me. As Tyler grabbed me and carried me down the stairs a pool of blood appeared under the door. Tyler went back up and tried the door only to find Dad had locked it. We must've fallen asleep when Dad came down and grabbed Tyler and the twins, leaving Suzie and me behind. Another occasion after Tyler's birthday, must've been a few months after because we had people over a lot and it was just Dad, Tyler and the Twins in the main house. And me and Suzie was still locked in the basement, I went up towards the door to hear what was going on. "It's a wonderful home, it looks so big on the outside but small once you get in. why's that?" A woman's voice in the diningroom, Dad replies back from the kitchen, "That was just the way it was built." Little did I know Dad made the basement door, on the other side, look like a storage shelf. After that I realized what happened to Tyler and the Twins. Dad drowned Tyler and dumped his body in the river 40 miles East. The Twins were separeted, they were always doing things together, Charles went to a facility in the countryside and Charlotte went to a facility across the sea. Shortly before Dad changed the basement door he took Suzie, leaving me alone in the basement. He put Suzie in the Attic and closed it off, Suzie was so weak she didn't fight it like she usually does.

         Fast forward 6 months after the house was bought. The Mother of the family reopened up the Attic, discovering Suzie whose barely breathing now, calls out to her husband who quickley takes the child in his arms. Both rushing down the stairs, the mother calling authorities and both rushing to the car and taking Suzie to the hospital. After Suzie left with the couple her future became unknown to me. All I know was the couple moved out a couple weeks later. The house was on the market for not even a week when it was bought. Around this time I was so skinny and barely making it with the stagnant musty basement air. A company bought the house to tear down and utilize the land. The head of the company was dealing with the basement door when another worker mentioned the blood stain on the floor under the door. They came down to the basement, looked around and gasped when they saw me under a pile of blankets behind some utility stuff. I was hospitalized for so long that when it was time to release me from their care that no facility nor person would take me in. So as a placeholder they decided to place me on the psychiatry floor, 6 floors up. I had my own room, which was their own fault because they didn't see what was going to happen. All I can say is that that event led me to where I am now.

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