Unseen Students: Fated Morgan Starsilver

written by Flora Goldwell

Morgan was a failed student; This is the story behind it. (Apologies for chapter 2 which is now done. <3)

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Starting Hogwarts

Chapter 1

         Since the train ride to the arrival the air has been off. First year wasn't hard, I was one of the few passing with flying colours, literally. Second Year I started joining extracurricular activities, one of them meeting by the Womping Willow and instucted by Hagrid and this kid from first year named Harry Potter; most everyone knew him, I did not once have a care for such. Third Year I quit the activities, found them unenjoyable because the kid Harry Potter was in pretty much most of them and besides its been ALL about him. Fourth Year I indulged in my studies nonstop, along within Fifth Year. During holidays and breaks I stayed on grounds, chilling outside. It was the end of Fifth Year a week before exams when I encountered something chilling to the bone. I was given an opportunity of the lifetime, one that would change THEE timeline.

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