Gardiner’s Sign List: A Magical Addendum

written by Professor Wessex

Looking for a quick and easy reference for the uses of magical hieroglyhics? Look no further. Authors Arkaeus and Olin Baldric have created an excellent field guide for curse-breakers, magianthropologists, magiarchaeologists and more.

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T. Warfare, Hunting, Butchery

Chapter 23
T8a (Dagger)
n/a || Dagger
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: Implies daggers are involved in some offensive spell. Most frequently, this means they have been used as enchanted projectiles or have been cursed in some way. Common applied curses include the Flesh-Rotting Curse or a Fever Hex. Poison on daggers is also common as well. Therefore, a dagger can also be poisoned on top of these effects.
Anecdotes/Comments: T8 can also be used in the place of this variant, but is far less commonly used in spells.

T11 (Arrow)
swn || Perish, Physician
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: See meaning of dagger above and switch out information.

T17 (Chariot)
n/a || Chariot
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: While meaning is relatively uncertain, recent thinking is that this is either an indicator of secret passages, or locking someone in a separate room. In short, it indicates traveling will happen, and may even move someone to a completely different part of the tomb. It is unknown whether this glyph is just a placeholder (it indicates the spot where you need to stand, like an X) or if it is part of the spell itself.

T31 (Knife sharpener)
sšm || Guide, Lead
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: Enhances the sharpness of bladed objects involved in the spell. Makes knives (or other objects) unnaturally sharp and able to cut through anything and/or gives them long-lasting sharpness.

T35 (Variant of T34, “Butcher’s knife”)
Misinterpreted, not a variant
n/a || Sharp
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: See meaning of T31.
Anecdotes/Comments: Usually used for much larger objects.
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