Gardiner’s Sign List: A Magical Addendum

written by Professor Wessex

Looking for a quick and easy reference for the uses of magical hieroglyhics? Look no further. Authors Arkaeus and Olin Baldric have created an excellent field guide for curse-breakers, magianthropologists, magiarchaeologists and more.

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V. Rope, Fiber, Baskets, Bags, Etc.

Chapter 25
V1 (Rope coil)
šn || Dispute, Litigate, Hundred
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: The spell effect(s) are applied to 100 objects.

V14 (Variant of V13, “Tethering Rope”)
n/a || Bind
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: Indicates presence of some ancestor to the Incarcerous Spell.

V18 (Variant of V17, “Herdsman shelter”)
Misinterpreted, not a variant.
n/a || Protection
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: Can be part of a spell to increase vitality and regenerate the deceased person, or can be part of the traps protecting the tomb. The use of this spell depends on the other enchantments present. It can also mean a specific spell has been applied to a mirror somewhere in the tomb.

V39 (Tie)
n/a || Isis Knot
Magical Uses, Meanings, Pairings: After a few thousand years, this came to represent a specific spell known as “The Blood of Isis”. The name is misleading, as it has nothing to do with blood, but instead with intense constriction to the point of suffocation.
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