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A Unicorn Named Elvis

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a beautiful unicorn called Elvis.

Elvis was bright pink, with a shining blue mane and tale, and glimmering silver
horn, sticking out of his forehead.

He liked eating grass on the high meadows of the mountain ranges of Yorne.

He also liked the taste of peas, bright yellow peas that he could only access
by climbing the rainbows that stretched between mountain tops

Now, Elvis was almost content with his life on the mountain tops, but even the
daily death defying leaps he performed to reach the delicious yellow peas was
simply not exciting enough for him

So he decided to travel far from his native homeland and ended up in the
distant lands of Glowerya, the dark, gloomy swamp lands of the far north.
There, Elvis encountered Rocky, the rock.

Rocky didn't have much to say, which offended Elvis, who expected things to
talk to him. In fact, usually most creatures admired him, and his shining mane
and tail and glittering horn. But Rocky didn't mention them, in fact, it said
nothing at all, which greatly offended Elvis.

So Elvis went up to Rocky and demanded some respect, yelling and waving his
hooves around, attempting to get Rocky to acknowledge him in some way. Rocky
didn't react.

Elvis was at this for whole minutes, before a strange looking bird waddled up
and asked why Elvis was addressing an inanimate rock...

Elvis, not wanting to seem
silly, informed the bird he was practicing his scary noises, and countered with
what was it to the strange looking bird anyway, sneering

The strange looking bird shrugged and moved on, muttering something about
stupid unicorns

The unicorn in question took a moment to recover from his near embarrassment,
and decided it was time to move out of the swamp, it was just too dark and
gloomy, he thought, to hang around in any longer, and its inhabitants were
simply strange

so he travelled a bit north, then a bit east, a bit south, then a bit west,
before realising he'd just walked in a circle...

So Elvis the unicorn rapidly ran
south for a few days to compensate, and found himself traversing the frozen
wastelands of the Hrothia plains.

Here, there seemed to be no signs of life, so Elvis ran on, and on, and on, and
on, and on he ran, for several more days he ran south.

Whereupon he stumbled across fresh claw marks; they were several times larger
than he, and that was just the claws... he wondered at the sheer size of this

Then he was swallowed whole by the ice dragon that plummeted out of the sky to
gobble him whole.

The End.

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