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Svetlana The Dragon

Chapter 3

Svetlana the Dragon was a bit
depressed. She finally had a friend, something she'd wanted for years, but had
come to the realisation that it wasn't everything she had imagined.

For a start, she had hoped that a friend might
not be quite so smelly, for her new friend Rufus the ice dragon, from over the
seas didn't seem to understand the idea of personal hygiene

She had also hoped that having a friend would be
more fun, but now she just did everything she did before, but now she was
accompanied everywhere by a smelly dragon friend who made incessant
conversation about random stories of his past, like the weird one about eh time
he ate a shiny horse with a horn, which he'd told at least twice a day since
she'd known him, and go on and on about how nice it was to have a friend

She thought it was nice that he had found a
friend that he liked, but she just wished that she too was as happy as he with
a new friend.

So, one night, after a particularly boring day
of repetitive stories and smelliness, she decided to fly away from the only
home she had ever known, in search of a new friend who was more interesting,
and understood what a bath was,

She was able to run away without Rufus noticing,
and dashed off north, flying all night and all day, and all night again, before
she noticed she was no longer flying over the sea, and had instead started to
enter the foothills of what could only be described as shiny mountains.

The mountains rose up throughout the morning,
accompanied by the sun, which sent glittering patterns off of the facets of the
shiny cliffs and mountain tops.

As the sun rose to its apex, she stumbled across
gleaming green meadows of grass, and above her, at the highest peaks, spread
rainbows of brilliant colour.

She was astounded by their beauty, which was
only rivalled by the horse like things darting across the green meadows and
jumping across the rainbows as if they were solid things.

She wondered if these were the strange horsey
things that Rufus had told her about (repeatedly.) And so, despite being very
hungry after travelling such a long way, decided not to eat them just in case.

She descended onto the grassy meadow nearest,
and addressed the closest horsey things, enquiringly what they were and where
she was.

They informed her that, obviously, they were unicorns;
couldn't she see their unrivalled beauty, their colourful coats, shining manes
and tales, or glittering horns?

As a dragon, she was not used to being spoken to
in such a way, and blasted the lot of them with her red and orange fire, so
that no more did the shimmering mountains and dazzling rainbows have to compete
with the beauty of the arrogant unicorns.

She nibbled a bit of unicorn cautiously, but
realised that Rufus had been right, and that they tasted terrible.

She pressed on, flying further north, over the
tops of the rainbow peaked mountains, on-wards, through that day and into the
next night, whereupon she spotted a dense forest of trees, She spiralled down
in large circles, trying to get a peak through the trees to possible morsels of
meat for her growling stomach, or any potential friends. Or even just a nice
place to settle in for a quick nap, because all this flying was making her very
tired indeed.

Through the tree branches, she spotted what
seemed to be giant spiders, ripe for the picking, and, as everyone knows,
spiders are a dragon’s favourite food.

So she dived down, crashing through the trees,
to grasp the spiders in her teeth and chomped down on their hairy, squirming
bodies, making a very satisfying meal of the large spider nest she had
conveniently chanced upon.

Now her stomach was full of still wriggling
spider meat, she decided to further explore this new found forest, full of
delicious foods.

She flapped cautiously back up, above the
treetops, and soon was gliding the length and breadth of the forest tree tops.

Throughout the day she encountered nothing of
interest. But as the night settled down, she glimpsed a gathering of lights at
the heart of the forest.

Beneath the largest of the trees in the forest,
there appeared to be a settlement of some kind.

The inhabitants of the new found settlement were
a smallish blue skinned race, that seemed to be attached to the forest on some
sort of spiritual level (she supposed, through her observation of their daily
rites and rituals)

Miraculously, they had yet to notice her spiralling
above them, but it would only be a matter of time, and she realised she wanted
to get to know these strange beings a little better, and wanting to make the
right impression, she touched down to land some way off the settlement, and
spent the next few hours crashing through the forest, attempting to be somewhat
quiet and sneaking....

And failing miserably.

Fortunately, when the scouts of the blue beings
settlement surrounded her to discover exactly what sort of strange creature was
invading their lands, it seemed she could communicate in the language of the
blue skinned beings, who informed her that they were the Rozili peoples, of the
Krasker forests.

They seemed a tad scared of her, understandably
as she was a 50 foot fire breathing dragon, but she realised she was very
interested in these Rozili peoples, and did her best to be as passive and
nonthreatening as possible,

She asked if she could be friends with the
Rozoli, and they, somewhat cautiously agreed, thinking that they could probably
do not to piss off the giant lizard, and welcomed her into their sacred grove.

There, she settled in quite happily, within the
Krasker forest she found peace, and the Rozoli people gradually warmed to her
presence, and accepted her as an equal.

This pleased the fire dragon very much, and she
settled down to live her new life among her new friends, who not only knew what
a bath was, they also had this nifty stuff called soap, and had many, many
interesting tales to tell her of, and they never repeated the stories they told
her, unless she asked specially.

Life was good.

The En- oh, no wait

And then the fire nation attacked.

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