Living With Legilimens - by Queenie Goldstein

written by Nyx Lumiere

In 1923, The American Society of Legilimens approved this self-help book for family members and significant others who are living with natural legilimens. Living With Legilimens provides an understanding of your beloved and gives you concise instructions on mastering the art Occlumency.

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Natural Legilimency

Chapter 2
There are many differences between A natural Legilimens and a learned one, the major one is that natural Legilimency is a way of thinking, integral to the soul of its wizard, and involuntary.
Like advanced Legilimency, natural Legilimency is non-verbal and wandless. But while standard Legilimency is the product of a spell and incantation, natural Legilimency is magic that is internal. While standard Legilimency is considered aggressive and often compared used by dark wizards, natural Legilimency is a product extreme empathy manifesting in a magical way.

Natural Legilimens tend to be magical empaths, and it takes them more effort to ignore other people's minds rather than listen in to them. For natural Legilimens, people around them are easiest to read when they're emotional, especially in times of mental aguish.

Natural Legilimens use their gift without people being aware they are listening to them and aren't bound to the constraints of time and space. This means they do not always need to make eye contact and sometimes exceptionally they don't need to be in the same vicinity as those they are reading – especially if there is a deep emotional bond. They do not always need to
pay attention to their close ones to realize when they are hurt or in trouble.

They can read thoughts, see people's goals, and if they peer deep enough, can even find the hidden truths behind every action the ones they are reading has taken. This can be a lot to take in but also gives them an uncanny ability to be able to predict how others will react in various situations. This is not divination, but a thorough understanding of how people work.
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