Living With Legilimens - by Queenie Goldstein

written by Nyx Lumiere

In 1923, The American Society of Legilimens approved this self-help book for family members and significant others who are living with natural legilimens. Living With Legilimens provides an understanding of your beloved and gives you concise instructions on mastering the art Occlumency.

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The Origin of Natural Legilimency: of Nature & Nurture

Chapter 4
It is thought that there are several factors that contribute to the development of natural Legilimency. It is known that it is something that becomes apparent in early childhood.

There is a strong connection in between natural Legilimency and underage magic. Underage magic appears in children under the age of eleven, who have no wands, but make magical things happen. This is otherwise referred to as Accidental Wandless Magic. When this kind of magic occurs, the children have no control of their abilities, and often use magic unintentionally when they are upset or in danger. It is thought that natural legilimency starts of as form of underage magic that when used to frequently, becomes permanent and carries on into adulthood.

The other part of the equation is the instigator that puts pressure on young Legilimens to acquire this skill. Often this comes in some form of tragedy, such as loss of family or abuse. When a young wizard has to alone, raise of a younger sibling who hasn’t learned to speak, or when a young wizard learns to avoid triggering physical abuse – the nature of these circumstance create a strong need for magical empathy in a child, which in the extreme – ends up manifesting as natural Legilimency.

In the extreme end, it is believed that the final factor in the equation is in fact a natural predisposition for the gift. This is because natural Legilimens are very rare, and there have been many cases of young wizards suffering tragedy under the above circumstances without developing the gift.

If what is theorized about the origins is true, then it explains why natural Legilimens have a hard time turning off their gift, as it originated in a well-entrenched maladaptive coping tragedy. For this reason, training properly in Legilimency for a natural Legilimens can be benificial. If they understand their gift, they will have greater ease in controlling it.

Learning Occlumency for a natural Legilimens also can help. The Legilimens can put themselves in a state of mind that is unreceptive of outside influence - in this case the anxieties of those around them. Putting distance in emotional situations can easy a Legilimens suffering, as the thing that causes it in the first place is their very high sensitivity towards other people around them.
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