Creative Writing Workbook

This is a workbook with basic worksheets for creative writers of both the fanfic and original work variety. It includes character creation, setting, genre, POV, plot, and more.

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Main Character

Chapter 1

Main Character

Think carefully about who your main character (mc) will be. It is always good to “overplan” in case any details are needed. In the case of a journal, this is even more important.


Meaning behind name (if any):



Eye/Hair Color:

Skin color/Race/Species:



Birth date & Time:


Three strengths (beginning of story/journal):

    Five flaws (beginning of story/journal):

      Three positive major personality traits (ex. patient, honest, compassionate, animal-loving, etc.) at beginning:

        Three negative major personality traits (ex. hot-tempered, lazy, dishonest, depressed, etc.) at beginning:

          Does the mc collect anything?

          Where is the mc’s favorite place to go? Least favorite? Why?

          Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? Why?

          Favorite spell? Least favorite? Why?

          What school does/did your mc attend (if any)? What house were they in (if any)? Why?

          Wide open spaces or enclosed cozy spots? Why?

          Favorite magical artifact? Least favorite? Why?

          Favorite/least favorite book? Why?

          3 subjects your mc is knowledgeable about (ex. herbology, muggle mechanics, wizard dna, etc.) in the beginning:

            3 subjects your mc knows very little about (ex. transfiguration, the history of Cameroon, cell phones, etc.) in the beginning:

              What pet does the mc have (if any)? Why?

              What is your mc’s wand (if any)? Any particular reason why? (Hint: if you have a pottermore account, there is quite a bit of wandlore Rowling gives later on.):

              Favorite/least favorite clothing to wear? Why?

              What fears does your mc have in the beginning?

              What secrets is your mc hiding in the beginning?

              What does your mc want more than anything else in the beginning?

              What is standing in your mc’s way?

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