Creative Writing Workbook

This is a workbook with basic worksheets for creative writers of both the fanfic and original work variety. It includes character creation, setting, genre, POV, plot, and more.

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Chapter 2


The when and where.

What century does your story take place in? Decade?

What continent?

In the muggle or wizarding world? Name cities/villages/towns/major landmarks where that you will be using.

What significant events in the outside world are taking place? How will they influence your storyl?

Will you be mentioning any major canon characters? If so, how? 

What sorts of technology are present in your story (both muggle and wizard)?

Here is a hypothetical: if your story were to take place 100 years in the past, how would your story be different? What would be the same?

What sorts of major issues might you be using as appropriate to the time and place? (ex. non-human rights, rights for prisoners, gender equality, slave labor, etc.)

What obstacles are going to be in place for your mc due to the time, place, and cultural history of your story?

How much time will your journal cover? Why?

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