Creative Writing Workbook

This is a workbook with basic worksheets for creative writers of both the fanfic and original work variety. It includes character creation, setting, genre, POV, plot, and more.

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Point Of View

Chapter 4

Point of View (POV)

There are a number of POV’s that you can use. If you are writing a journal, you will be using the 1st person. If you are writing a more traditional form of story, you can use 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (limited or omniscient.)

What POV will you use? What is the advantage of this? Disadvantages?

How would your story be different if told from a different POV?

What effect are you trying to achieve with your POV?

If you’re writing in 1st person, how will you portray others and their thoughts, emotions, and actions?

If you’re writing from 3rd person, how will you gain an intimacy with the character that readers crave?

If you’re writing from 2nd person, something that is difficult, how do you plan to go about it without confusing your reader?

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