Creative Writing Workbook

This is a workbook with basic worksheets for creative writers of both the fanfic and original work variety. It includes character creation, setting, genre, POV, plot, and more.

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Chapter 6


The antagonist is the character that most stands in the way of what the main character (mc) wants. In Harry Potter, Voldemort is the main antagonist, but Draco Malfoy could be considered an antagonist too. Sometimes, the antagonist is not a who but a what (i.e. drugs, poverty, etc.).

If your main antagonist is a who:

What is his/her/its relationship to the mc?




Birth Place:

Race/Species/Skin Color:

Eye/Hair Color:



How did the antagonist come to meet the mc? Why did he/she/it become the antagonist?

Give three positive personality traits:

Give three negative personality traits:

What is the antagonist knowledgeable about?

Wand (if any):

Pet (if any):

Favorite place? Least favorite?

What do other characters like about the antagonist?Why?

What does the antagonist like the most? Dislike the most?Why?

What does the antagonist want more than anything? Why?

What does the antagonist fear more than anything? Why?

What must occur for the differences between the mc and the antagonist to be resolved?

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